There has been many rumors and certain keywords that pops up relating to betting strategy. One of which is called as the teaser betting strategy. 

Teaser betting is quite popular nowadays and it is already recognized as a real strategy. You may need to step up your sports betting skills using this teaser betting strategy. Back then, people refer to another kind of strategy known as the Wong teasers. 

This theory was named after the famous author of Sharp Sports Betting. This was very popular back then. Sooner or later, there will be new theories that will last longer and give better outcome. Today it is time learn a new online betting strategy.

Teaser betting is not something that is easy to understand. Newer players will have when trying to understand these types of betting strategies. That is why we have created this comprehensive guide and tutorial on what teaser betting. We hope that this can boost the amount of money that you will be making later on. 

Understanding the strategies will eventually make you much more money. It may take some process but do not be afraid. Consider reading this article until the end. 

Doing that will give you much more information and knowledge about teaser betting. Let’s directly jump into today’s content. So you don’t have to wait any longer anymore.

What is Teaser Betting?

Teaser Betting

The grand question that everyone is always asking is what is teaser betting. A teaser betting is very similar to parlay betting. However there is a bit of difference in the modified point spreads. 

Let’s talk about soccer as an example. Hypothetically we can say that you may be placing a bet on the soccer matches. There will be three different teams with three different points. These points may be team A -7.6, B +1.5 and team C +5.5. players are required to hit all three beds at once. 

The amount of money that you can make in this one single bed is quite big. For example this bet alone gives players a reward of 1.8 to 1. The prerequisite winning and getting the reward is to hit all three bets at once. 

Understanding Standard Teaser Odds

There is a standard in teaser betting. This is known as the standard teaser odds. Each odds will vary from one casino to another. 

Just to make it quick, we will give you a short scenario to understand this in soccer terms. Take for example betting on a six point soccer game. Your goal is to find two or four teams that will give you high values. These odds may start from negative 110 up to plus 300. 

There are several others sports betting website will that will give you better odds. Players have the choice to bet and find good values. Another example of good odds is that you place on two different teams in total. 

The predicted odds that you will be getting should be around +100. This way you can bet on team A with -8.5 and the other team with +8.5. Players are able to make bets with high values this way. You can also see that the odds will range from +105 up to -125. 

All of this may have relevancy to the teaser betting. However, understand that teaser odds will also have margins. For example a teaser value of +8,5 to +15.5 has no match in comparison to -8.5 to -2.5.

Another thing to mind when getting teaser odds is that there is a chance to be scammed. There are times when these odds will deceive you. 

Say for example you have found a value of -100 on a 2 team teaser. The website will try to lure you in. But there is no guarantee that you will get the payout promised to you. 

These types of websites will often times scam you by giving fake odds. Only bet in trusted place with high reputation. Betting in a fake website will just cost you your money.

Rules of Teaser Betting

Teaser betting is a normal type of betting just that you are betting on several matches. There are some terms and condition when you place a bet. 

For example if a leg in a specific teaser does a push, then the other one will lose. This means you lose the whole bet. On top of that, you can also get a push and a win. This will give you an instant win. You can also apply this example to a bet with 3 teams in total. So you can get push, win, and then win. 

This will give you 2 times the reward only and considered as 2 team teaser. But a draw or push with no wins will give you no rewards. Your money will be refunded immediately by the online casino.

Introduction to Professional Teaser Betting Strategy

Previously you have learned a thing or two about the normal parlay betting. A teaser betting is not as hard as people think. It still uses the same principle as parlay betting. The only difference is that making one bet to another will give you additional points. 

Players are also required to analyze these bets. You can break down each bet and each odds to understand what you are betting on. Teaser betting is mainly used in soccer and football. That is why the terms such as leg is using. We hope that so far this article has made sense for you.

Next up we are going to give you another easy example to understand. Let us talk about a 2 match teaser bet. You have a 6 point teasers with a total value of -110. This means placing a $100 bet can potentially make you $10 in reward. 

There is a certain formula that players use. This formula is risk divided by return. Hence the total amount will equate to the amount of money you can make. So lets say that you place a $100 bet. Then the risk is $110 divided by the $210 total return. 

All in all, you will get around 52.3%. This may seem like a random number. The 52.3% is an important thing to know. With this percentage, you are able to find the break even point. Players can also ask themselves on how much bets you need to place to break even. 

Another important calculation is to find out how often a leg must win. You can find this value by finding the square root of 52.38%. 

Hence the percentage of individual leg wins you need to get is 72.3%. This is the average number that you can find in almost any online casino. We hope that you can understand this article quite properly. 

To help you in online betting, look up “Money line converter”. This tool should help you calculate data easily to find the specified value.

Through this explanation, you can now understand that there is a six point teaser. The teaser would be set at -110 and then you will also find a two team parlay. The value of this is -262. Hence from this alone you can find the margin of 152.

You can apply the same types of calculation to find other teasers. So say for example you find a three team teaser with a value of +180. Hypothetically, betting a $100 will produce up to $180 in rewards and $280 in total. 

After that we are going to apply the break even formula on this calculation. So we are going to divide 100 by 280. 

The result of this calculation will produce 35.7%. The cube root of this would be 71% to be precise. Remember that the root of the first calculation will be the break even for each leg. Feel free to use a moneyline converter and you will get a value of -244.

In total we have deciphered to you a 2 team teaser and a 3 team teaser. The calculation is exactly the same. The only difference is in the root part where you square root and cube root. 

The 3 team teaser will give you 6 points at 134 margin. Down below are some more calculations that could help you in the future games. Feel free to look at the 2 team teaser calculation up to 6 team teasers.

  • 2 team teaser -111 = 72.3%
  • 3 team teaser +181 = 70.8%
  • 4 team teaser +301 = 70.72%
  • 5 team teaser +451 = 69.89%
  • 6 team teaser +601 = 70.72%

Look at the results from four to six team teaser options. This gives you a much higher variance. A higher variance equals to a harder chance to actually hit it. 

That is why many players avoid these types of betting options. The main reason is because it is not really worth it. Instead look at other betting options such as 3 teams and will give you the highest value of +180. 

The break even point is also not that high because each leg would be 72%.  So comparing value itself, 2 team teaser and 3 team is the best one to choose. 

The more teams you play, the more rewards you can get. Understand the risk of playing in each teaser bets beforehand. 

Golden Rules to Win at Teaser Betting

Next let us look at some of the best ways to bet. We have mentioned before that the three team teaser with +180 value is the best. This is because the individual leg would only be 71% at most to break even. You can place your bets at an average sportsbook website. 

The pay would be set at -105 and we will calculate the odds. To calculate the break even, we can divide $105 by $205. The break even point would be 51.2%. 

And then we will find the break even point by looking at the cube root. Hence you will find 71% subtracted by the 51.2%. The margin between those two percentages would be 19.7%. 

A player may be confused on whether or not this is profitable or not. You can be a smart gambler and think about the percentage. The percentage is a good option than a straight bet. 

A straight bet would be you just gambling on 3 different matches. But a parlay or teaser bet is all connected into one. Hence you get additional points. The winning percentage would be 19.7% if you choose teaser bet.

Most of the time, teaser bets are not worth it too! But you need to find the ones that give you a high win probability. A 3 team teaser would have a 19.7% win probability. If this is too much, then you can find other types such as 2 team teaser. This will give a higher probability to players who do not dare to bet big. 

Basic Gambling Strategy 

Next up let’s talk about some of the most basic strategies to use. There has been many basic strategies before. The most popular one is known as the Wong strategy. This strategy tells players to bet 1.5 up to 2.5 on underdogs. Whereas you need to bet around 7.5 to 8.5 if it is on favorites. 

Do not bet any other than this because then the break-even point is much harder to achieve. The chances of winning is also much lesser if you do not follow this guide. This point is placed on a spread of six points in total. Players still have a huge chance of victory. 

Players usually try to get the four team teaser just because it is much easier to get. That strategy is kind of outdated because it was published in 2001. 

Nowadays players need to update their gambling strategy in order to follow with the current trends. Sportsbook casinos are always updating their formula with new ones. It is only fair that you can try to achieve the individual leg around 71%.

Let us try to apply the Wong strategy in the current case scenarios. Take for example a football match that is currently going. This football match will be specified into specific season. 

You can bet on a Thursday night game on that season alone. If you apply your strategy to this season then you can get a bit of 101 to 45. If you’re so confused with this number then we can also explain it again to you. 

This number basically means that you can win 101 games and still lose to 45 games. But you’re already breaking even because you win 69% of the time. Doing this alone can make you some profit if you’re lucky. However, if you’re unlucky then the Wong strategy is not right for you. The great thing is that we have given you modified version today.

Calculation of Four Subsets Betting Strategy:

  1. Home matches +1.5 to +2.5 teased into +7.5 to +8.5

Total break even point: 59.55%

  1. Road matches +1.5 to +2.5 teased into +7.5 into +8.5

Total break even point: 72.2%

  1. Home favored matches -7.5 to -8.5 teased into -1.5 to -2.5

Total break even point: 77%

  1. Road matches favored -7.5 to -8.5 teased into -1.5 to -2.5

Total break even point 69%.

We applied this strategy to real matches to see if it actually works. So far, 3 out of the 4 options have proven to work. The strategy that works is number 1, 3, and 4. Road matches have proven to be less profitable and harder to achieve. Right now, you can also do line shading and see if you can get more profits.

Overall, teaser bets have been broken down to several things. Players are discouraged to simply just choose road matches and home favored matches. 

This will give you some wins but not guarantee a good break even. People might think that there are sample issues and other concerns. Right now we are just going to focus on teaser because we need to include the home matches in the teaser. 

This is a way for players to profit in soccer matches. The fact is that teams sometimes have a chance to win on the read. Because they have much pressure and will play more aggressively. The difference is that home games will have much less aggression. This is also applied to several teams’ performance.

Teaser bets are still filled with many flaws. The old sportsbook era will give you profit. But now things have really changed and new formulas are applied. There is a rumor that you can use a non basic strategy teasers. This strategy means that you are betting specifically on underdogs with a bet of +4.5 to +5.5 

A start of the season for soccer is the time to bet. Specifically you can bet on the 10th week of that season. Players can place bets on underdogs with a value of +4.5 to +5.5. 

This is the best timing to place a bet. Because you can get a six points up to 88 wins and 32 losses. The losses is much more minimized here. This has been tested and became profitable. Look at the types of matches you want to bet again. Because this may work differently.

Another quick note is that there is a change in formula. Do not use these strategies randomly. Look back at the value you are provided. If they match the ones we have given to you then use the formula as you wish.

Teaser Betting Tips

We have given you some critical information. In case you miss them, we will give you more tips. To keep in simple, find teasers that does not cross the line yet. You can hear people say and talk about profit all the time. Right now, there is a two team point set at -105. 

We have mentioned this type of value several times and this is already good. One concept that everyone must remember is that there is a difference of straight bets and teaser bets. If the straight bets is better, then the teaser is even better.

College Football Teasers

College football will use the same concept as soccer and normal NFL season. You can look at a three team teaser. Try to find values of +180 and nothing less or more. 

Usually a much more preferred option is when you place a bet on straight matches. It should show a value of -105. Each individual bets will give you a win chance of 19%. This may not be much but we think it is enough. Because the reward is also high at the end. 

Basketball Teaser Matches

There is a bit of difference with each sports. Basketball matches are a bit more complicated and does not payout much cash. You may be new to basketball matches but let us take a look. Usually we have given to you teasers of 2 teams, 3 teams, and 4 teams. The same applies to NBA matches.

Try to look for websites that will allow more matches. There are some websites that will combine football and basketball together. Hence you can set a bet for basketball combined with NFL or college football. 

Combining teaser legs will give players more option. Maybe that season is not really good for the NFL, so you can mix it with NBA. Or vice versa if NBA does not give favorable odds to you.

Conclusion About Teaser Matches

These are about to wait for players to kind of mix and match the types of bets they want to place. You can mix up to six matches in total. But the minimum that you need to bet is two matches. 

Players can also choose between the games that they want to place their bets in. You need to see this as a long-term investment. 

Because at these are bad will take you around one season to complete. We have also showed you some potential outcomes that may be useful for you. Do not expect to always win because this is not realistic at all. 

There will be times when you lose but make sure that you have a good break even point. Our most average and favorite break Even point is 70%. If you have reached 70%, then you already profit around 20%. If you only get 50% then the other 50% would be a loss. 

And eventually you would not be making much money at all. Refer back to some of our formulas and strategies. Count your break even points and refer back to the key scenarios we’ve given to you. 

We hope that this article have really helped you. Do not be too cocky or greedy when placing a bet. Always be cautious but also confident with the money that you’re placing.

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