Sweetheart Teaser Betting Strategy

Teasers are a type of bet that typically will give you additional points if you bet on them. The way they lure players in is by giving good odds.

Previously we have talked about so many potential strategies for players to use. One of the most similar ones are pleaser betting and teaser betting. 

We have found that there are plenty of math and calculations you need to do in order to get the best profits. So if you have not are article yet feel free to go back to that article.

Today’s article is based from a unique named strategy. Sweetheart teaser is a type of bet that is brand new and has never been before. Sweetheart teaser is typically provided by websites such as Bovada. 

Teasers are a type of bet that typically will give you additional points if you bet on them. The way they lure players in is by giving good odds. Teaser bets are usually paired together with NFL or the NBA. Sweetheart teaser bets will increase an odd starting from -110 up to -130. We will look deeper on why this can happen at all. 

We’ll give you another example. For example right now there are three teams that you may be interested to place a bet on. Let’s just say that these teams are, Bulls, Lakers and Golden State Warriors. 

Each will give you different odds for example the first one will give you 1.5 and then 11.5 at last but not least is 2.5. You have many options to place a bid on these three teams that are going to play. 

The first type of betting style of course a parlay or standard teaser. Note that this type of strategy alone will not make you much money at all. 

Instead you want to look for something that is much more profitable such as sweetheart pleaser. If you put money in sweetheart teaser than a single that can make you much more money. 

A single player can make up to 10 times more points than the usually can. This 10-point can make up to $10 if you place a $100 that. Each website will give you different odds but sweetheart teasers will always be higher. 

We have provided you with one of the examples of sweetheart teaser. This article today will definitely going to discuss additional things later on. 

Some of the better options are such as 4 team teasers. Four team teaser can make you up to 13 point profit. If you want to try a 5:00 p.m. teaser then it will keep on increasing. 

The total amount of teaser right now that is possible is around 15 team teaser. The option is different in each website so you may need to check which one is profitable. 

Right now, a three team teaser is most strategic because it will give the most profits. And for that reason we’re going to give you the most average examples regarding the three team teaser.

Do Not Bet on Ties

Ties is usually a way for players to make additional money if they are lucky. The odds that you can get on ties is actually high and profitable. But the likelihood of hitting a tie or a draw is very low. 

Players who tend to bet on these types of bet is going to lose a lot of money. That is why we do not advise you to actually bet on these types of things.

Best Sites to Get 10 Point Teasers

As for now, we are only recommending some of the biggest websites that already exist. There is no specific recommendation by our website to the players. 

Most of these websites already have a 10 point teaser. All of them already provide 10 point teaser for 3 team. If you are looking for more than three teams, then you need to find another website.

One thing to point out is that most websites will not offer sweetheart teasers at all. Try huge bookies and sportsbook casinos. 

Some of which that we recommend are such as betfair, bet 365, betway, and etc. These are highly established websites with a lot of reputation on the line. Bookmaker may offer you bad offers at first. 

However, there is also a single advantage when you place your money on these bets. For example a teaser can give you up to $20,000 in return. There is usually a refund policy for these types of bet. Even if you bet big, you can get a refund if the leg is pushed. 

You can get this refund policy and secure your money without losing it. So do you still think that sweetheart teasers are not profitable? We will see in this next part.

Are Sweetheart Teasers Bad for Profit?

People always say that teaser bets are bad but they have no explanation why. Sweetheart teasers cannot always be shamed as a sucker bet. There are some major things that you need to know and we will talk the math behind it. Sweetheart teaser bets are considered bad because they are complication.

For example we have already explained to you how some values already have a break even point. A value of -110 would have a break even point of around 52%. The reason is because we have calculated the -110 value by using a specific formula. To do this, you can use the -110 wager as an information. Say that you are risking $100 to get $210. 

Then you can use $100 and divide it by $210 to get the break even point. The break even point would be around 52.3% but we will also see how much it will take a leg. The 52% is the overall break even point. If you try to look at the individual leg, then it would be around 80%. Overall, you can get an expected value of around -110 with 80% break even percentage.

Our mathematical calculation have found out that this sweetheart teaser that is not worth it. It is quite rare for players to be able to make profit for example above 30%. 

Most of the time you cannot get a high probability and you will get pushes. Purchase will also count as a loss and players will lose a lot of money. That is why we haven’t said made you an educated prediction on which point spread would be profitable. 

For example we have a 10-point teaser. Without ten point teaser we want to find a good leak such as the nfl. Usually the margin is between three up to 13. This can also range as high as 14 points in total. You can choose any that you want to from these options. 

We have picked the numbers that has the highest likelihood because this is the most realistic prediction. Amongst all of them we suggest that you bet on the 10 and 12.5 favorites. 

They’re also options for players that want to pick favorites. The favorite would be around 1.5 up to 2.5. Last but not least is the underdog option. Underdog bets are set at 7.5 up to 9.5 and 11.5 up to 12.5.

We hope that the statistical data above can be helpful for you. A sports better is always prioritizing profit. That is why we don’t encourage you to use a sweetheart teaser strategy. 

The main reason is because this strategy is very complicated and it relies upon a team not getting a push. If you get a push then you basically lose. This theory has been tested many times and people at the end of the day prefer teaser but instead. 

Bookies are also smart and now it is hard to find a good value bet. That is why they push you to bet on individual matches or partly matches. However we have a good news for you. You can use our guide above and practice it to calculate the outcome of a teaser match. 

Overall you can learn much more this way. You can also make much more money if you can combine sweetheart teaser and with normal teasers.

Some websites such as Bet365 has a lot of teaser options. Not many websites will give you teaser options because they’re complicated. 

Mathematically they are a bit harder to predict and players don’t choose them. The team teasers will range from two teams up to 15 teams. After that you can raise your bet up to any amount of money. 

Keep in mind that the maximum points that you can tease on is 20 points. The higher the points then the higher the odds will be. It may take some time for you to understand this article. 

So feel free to refer back and forth regarding the examples again. You can also become an expert at football teaser by managing your money. Do not just bet and lose it all away.

If you are one of those recreational bettors, then sticking to a more strategic plan can be better. What we meant by strategic plan are such as teaser, pleaser, and parlay. These will be profitable for any player in the long run.

Keep in mind that teaser betting will require you to win many times in a row. You cannot just win once and get the cash right away. Do your research and we hope that you can start profiting big time today.

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