Sports Betting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Do not try to take things too seriously when you are gambling online. Of course, doing research is also important but this is a step for you to win. The first thing we recommend you to do is follow the basics. 

No one likes to make mistakes because they will cost a lot of money. One fatal mistake can make you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

That is why we have created this article specifically for you so that you can be much more vigilant in the world of online gambling. Sports bettors are prone to making mistakes. 

No one can afford to make mistakes because they are way too expensive to make. Even the slightest bit can cost you a bit of money and you don’t want that. 

We really emphasize on the fact that mistakes can be very expensive. This is so that you can be much more cautious on gambling. You also want a sustainable profit. This is something that is impossible to get if you keep on making mistakes.

Do not worry because today we have created a long list of things to avoid for you. Our guide today is created so you can be guided through sports betting. We hope that after reading this you can avoid some of the most popular or clumsiest ways to lose. The reason why we call them popular is because many people have fallen for this. It is quite normal for many players to make mistakes. We hope that you don’t do the same.

Please do take the time to read this article thoroughly. You do not want to miss one single topic and that will cost you a bit of money later on. These mistakes are common and very easy to avoid. 

You don’t need much expertise or money in order to understand these things. Don’t forget to also take notes because notes will be important later on in the future. 

Remember that these key things will ensure the fact that you won’t make the same mistakes in the future. Rather than feeling and learning it from mistake you can learn from other people’s mistakes instead.

Forgetting to Check Your Bookie Bet Slip

Betting slip it’s always a feature that will be provided to players. This feature will allow you to see all of your current bets or your past bets. The most painful way to lose is that you forget to check your betting slip. 

Say that for example you have a best placed on an NBA game which is on Lakers versus Bulls. Lakers may have a long lead but in the end Lakers have lost to the Bulls. 

Things are just comebacks are very often in the world of online gambling. In sports betting you can cash out early if you want to. This gives you the chance to put your money while you still can before you lose. 

If you pull it in time then you will be making much more money instead of losing them. This is what we mean by being aware of your bets and supervising the matches.

Always remember the types of bets that you have. If you forget, maybe setting up a reminder might help you and keep you updated. Players who lose their bets will often times have no idea where it went. We surely do not want this to happen to you. 

In other occasion, players will also be costed a winning ticket. Surely players and any gambler will want to bet for profit.  If not then there is no point in gambling at all. 

Beware that you might also send the wrong code bets to the website. Some people’s hands may click at the wrong button. This will result in you placing the wrong bets for the wrong odds. 

Another very common case scenario is that players do not look at the odds properly. Odds will always change non stop. Each odds are adjusted to the current dynamics of the game. You may end up placing the bets on wrong odds that you could never expect.

Lucky for you we also have plenty of solutions in order to counter these mistakes. It is not really hard to be aware about the money that yo have placed. 

One thing we recommend you to do and this is so easy is that you need to check. Check your bets before and after you place them. It is most important to check your bets before because you cannot change a single thing after placing your bets. 

If you are gambling online, then there is no going back at all. You can try to contact the customer support incase there is something wrong with the bets. Besides that, you can also refresh the page before gambling. Hence you will get the up to date odds when trying to gamble.

Do Not Ignore Good Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is a way for gamblers to be able to take care of their own money. One common tragedy is that players end up going all in. Going all in on your bets is very dreadful. 

The reason is because you can lose all of the money that you have worked hard for. This is where good bankroll management can counter problems like that. There are certain rules that you can follow which will not be discussed deeply in this article.

Before making a bet at all, be sure that you already know your current balance. Say that you have a starting balance of around $100. Remember this amount and use around 2% up to 5% bet rule. 

This means that every bet you are going to make cannot exceed 5% from $100. This way you can bet consistently without exceeding the limits. 

Doing this is crucial to keeping your balance steady. Feel free to check our article specifically discussing this matter.

Losing Values on Parlay Bets

Some betting strategies are made to give the edge to the casino. Even if it may seem like you are making a ton of money. The truth is that you are giving up some value when you place your money on parlays. 

This also goes for some prop betting options and etc. But are you really willing to give up that value to the bookies?

Well one thing to keep in mind is that this is common in online bookies. There is not much transparency at all. You can try to build a parlay of around 2 to 5 matches. 

The most likely outcome of these parlay bets would be multiplying two probabilities together. These are called as the true odds when you enter a parlay bet. 

You are not going to get the true value when gambling in parlay matches. Instead, you are going to get a little shave off of the true value. This does not mean you should not try parlay at all. As long as you are not losing too much value, then that is still okay. 

Professional gamblers would most likely need to know this. Sooner or later, you will see that the odds is not equivalent to the value you are betting for. 

Players cannot give up value because this can add up to hundreds of dollars. You may not realize this fact at first. 

On top of that, we will also help you counter this problem. Betting in parlay is still possible to do even if your true value is decreased.

As players, you need to make sure that your odds is not set at around -110. This is a very common way for bookies to try get some cash from you. Well you may be asking why -110? 

Well -110 is a way for sportsbook to pay parlays. There is a public odds sheet that people can look at. The chart will show how much you are getting if you are betting on 2 teams or 3 teams. 

However, this chart will only work if the odds is actually -110. Sportsbook websites will also use that chart as their main formula to gamble. 

You can counter this by looking for bets that are over -110 such as -115 or -120. This way players can force the bookies to give you the true value odds.  You will not lose a single cent when doing this. 

So to conclude, all you need to do is to force the bookies to give you true odds. True odds can only be achieved if the odds is not set at -110. 

Anything but -110 should be fine for you to get the real true odds. Do not force a bet just because you are trying to win that match. You can end up winning and it would not be worth it at all. 

Do Not Use Wrong Statistics

Players will try to find the best statistics to compare with one another. This is a smart move to do. However, there is also a common mistake done by gamblers which is to pick the wrong stats. 

You can find good facts and sources but then this may be outdated or incompatible. Stats needs to be considered properly when you are making a bet. There are two main mistakes that gamblers will make when gambling. Let us look at these two mistakes.

First of all is that you are looking at a source that cannot be trusted. This source would be very meaningless because you cannot fact check. Meaningless stats also means that you can look for coincidences. Such as when the Lakers are winning every game with the exact pitcher. This cannot be an indicator for you to bet on. This means that you are using coincidences as a way to place your bets. 

On top of that, sports gamblers need to make sure the information they are getting is factual. The information that you are going to receive should be accurate and true. 

There are dozens of occasions when you are going to make mistakes. This is okay but just be sure that the statistics comes from a trusted source. 

Make sure that the numbers also add up by comparing one trusted source to another. For example you can check ESPN and FOX News for the lates information. If they match then you are good to go. If needed, do a triple check to ensure your bets are secured.

Do Not Chase Losses

Winning and losing is a part of the gambling experience. You cannot keep on gambling just to make up for the losses that you have experienced. 

It is quite impossible or you are just going to lose all of your money. It is important that you remember how urgent this is to avoid. Do not ever gamble after a loss. Stop and take a short break. 

Most people will try to chase for that win so that they can cover up for their losses. This is very logical and we understand why you might be interested to do this. 

However, do not do this because it is actually not strategic at all. In the end, people will just receive more problems than solutions that they are looking for. You need to bet when you can make the right decisions with the right mindset. 

If you force it, then there is a high likelihood you will only make small profits. Even if you are trying to break even, this is still a bad excuse to place a bet again. Let us look for other alternatives that might help you.

You can solve this problem with other strategies. One other strategy that you can try and utilize is to bet the other day. Do not fall into the same hole several times. 

Avoid these losses and holes by stopping temporarily. There will be more days in the future to place your bets. It does not have to be right now or right ahead. 

The results of forcing a bet will be very tragic. Stick to the previous strategy that we have provided to you before. This way you can consistently win without losing much later on.

Do Not Try to Start a Career

Sports betting career needs to be built upon slowly. A single player cannot expect that you want to have a professional gambling career in an instant. 

Gambling in sports should be slow and steady because you need to make that profit and learn new things. That is why sports betting is a marathon instead of a sprint. Many new players here are looking for new strategies and bets. 

This guide is perfect for you because we’re teaching you the basics up to the point where you can make your own decision. As a beginner then it is most strategic for you to find that and apply strategies. 

Do not try to take things too seriously when you are gambling online. Of course, doing research is also important but this is a step for you to win. The first thing we recommend you do is that all you need to do is to follow the basics. 

Players need to understand the dividends, odds as well as values. Do not rush anything and understand this may take some time. There are going to be many temptations out there such as experts or professional opinions. 

As a gambler, you need to know which source to trust. For example, you can only trust factual sources such as ESPN that will give you statistics and data. Do not trust any online experts and etc. 

Because most of the time this information will make you go all in and make you big losses. You are forced to bet big. In the end you’re going to take an unnecessary risk and lose a lot of money.

Sports betting will always be there and you don’t even have to look for it. Right now there are thousands of sportsbook websites out there there’s ready to give you their services. 

The sports itself is also unending. There are many new sporting events and new sport categories. You can even try esports betting and see how it goes. There will always be something new. 

Maybe a new type of game will enter the market and you can bet on professional matches. This is a way for players to start their career eventually. 

You don’t have to force anything or bet up to 10 matches a day. Just trying to pick one or two matches and see how it goes. Hopefully you are able to make consistent amounts of profit without much losses at all.

These types of mistakes can be fatal if you don’t look at it properly. Players who start slow are much more aware of the common mistakes that might happen. 

Hence you can also bet and small amounts and understand the fundamentals of sports betting first. Small amounts of that is excellent because even if you lose it is an only small amount. 

There’s much more lesson to learn rather than spending your entire bankroll on a single bet. Avoid any all-in bets or huge bets that will risk your overall bankroll.

Do things to keep in mind in this article. Sports betting will always be there and it will wait for you to be ready. Take it slow and don’t consider it as a sprint. Write it in a piece of paper or in a note in your laptop. Just don’t forget this fact at all times.

Do Not Have Unrealistic Expectations

Players want to gamble big and win big. We got the fact that you want to bet big and bring home a lot of money. One thing that has been happening lately is that players bet around. 

But they only get a small percentage of that money back if they win. This is a bad value bet and you’re just having unrealistic expectations when you try to bet on these matches. 

We’re going to give you a reality check and much more strategies to help you with. Hence you can save some money instead of making mistakes later on in the future. 

Gamblers do not need to win a lot in the end. Even if you only bet on one match but that match can make you a couple of dollars then they should be enough. The realistic truth is that you will never make around 70 or 80% of your bet. 

You will be lucky to get anything around 60% and below. This is much more realistic and comparison to getting five times the amount and etc. We do understand that there are newer strategies such as partly betting or prop betting. 

In the end this will just give you high expectations that you can win thousands of dollars from $100. Instead look for games that are easy to predict even though the outcome is not big.

For professional gamblers to make money is they need to be slow and steady. There are many supporting events out there. 90% of the time the sporting events will be easy to predict. 

This also means that you can make accurate predictions that will give you the outcome that you actually look for. Try to look several matches like this one. 

You can double your money if you’re that sure and the statistics check out. But if you try to look for anything unsustainable then you’re just going to lose money. 

Remember that one loss will equal to a lot of loss. When you win you only win a small percentage. But if you lose you’re going to lose 100%.

We’re not telling you that you should not try sports betting at all. Instead what we highly suggest you doing is to understand and be realistic. 

If you’re realistic then you will also be caution every time you place your money. Your money may not see much in the sports betting website. But just imagine you stacking lots of cash in the end. You don’t want to lose any of that at all.

Do Not Bet When Emotionally Unstable

That’s a factors that will affect how you do an online sports betting. One of the worst things that will happen is that a player can lose money by gambling while being drunk. 

This is one of the worst ways to lose money because you don’t realize what odds you’re taking or the value of a bet. Avoid gambling while drinking and being drunk. 

This will be a roller coaster for you. Most of the bets that you will put is also unrealistic. You will end up going all in and losing all of your money. 

This is not really hard to avoid. It only takes self control or just put your devices away when you want to drink. Stay away from your account or even log out when you are drinking or having fun with your friends. 

Trust us when we say that this is one of the stupidest mistakes to make. In the end we want everyone to bet with an open mind. You need to that seemingly and knowing what you are placing your money on. 

Players need to be responsible every time they place a bet. If you are that serious in online gambling then you need to protect yourself. 

Even if you’re mad, stay away from your phone because this will cost you a lot of money. You want to bet when you are confident. In the end, your money is your choice. Use it wisely so you can make much more money in bookies.

Do Not Bet in All the Games You See

Remember that previously we have told you to go slow and steady. Do not be greedy at all. This is a way for players to eventually lose a lot of money because they are too greedy. 

You can start with 1-5 games and this is the optimum number. A sports betting career will last a lifetime. There is no need to rush things and in the end you have no bankroll to play with anymore. 

One tip is that you need to know what percentage of games you want to bet on. For example you have to do analysis before you place a single bet.

To make it simple, there are a couple of things that you need to know. The main thing is that not all matches are worth it because they do not have value. There will be cases where you are going to lose money if you bet. Even if there is only a single game, that is okay to bet on. 

Skip a bet if you have to. Players who are able to skip a bet will be able to skip temptation. Make a small bet if you cannot fight through the urge anymore. If you can, well good for you! 

There will always be temptation that will sweep through your mind. It is good if you can hold back in online gambling. But throwing money should not be a good option for you to take. Bet with games only with specific value and these are called worthy bets.

Sometimes players are able to make good bets. These bets have high value and high reward. You can bet up to 10 games in a day if it is a great day. On average, there should be around 5 up to 10 matches in total. Force a bet and you can lose much more to gain. 

Not Putting Many Efforts to Win

A consistent stream of profit heavily relies on a player that is able to put a lot of effort. Effort can be explained into many different things. This is very normal if you are lazy but this is not profitable for you. 

To be honest, effort is very important in order to get money. A recreational gambler can easily bet on their favorite teams. This is not a big problem at all because you are betting for fun. 

However, professional gamblers will do many research before placing a bet. They need to do a lot of reconsideration when you want to place a bet. 

There is always a handful amount of professional gamblers who do their research. People just assume that these professional players will just go on the TV to look at the odds. 

The thing is, betting is not as simple as that. It is actually very far from that reality. In order to find a good bet, you really need to scour through the internet. Look at the stats from a team and then compare it to another. This will turn into good match and nice profit later on. 

The reality is that even professional gamblers have to watch the game. They do this while watching other things such as statistics and numbers. All of this is important in order to get a lot of profit. 

If so far you are unable to win, this means that you are not putting much hard work into the game. You need to put in much more time in order to look for the most important information. Doing this will ensure maximum profits.

Players do not have to really overthink about this part. Minimum research can be done starting from picking a specific category. There are dozens of categories to choose from. 

When gambling, you can take a small sport category and pick a few games that are most potential to you. This type of sporting event may also be something that you are very interested in. 

Stay focused so you will always be in the loop of whatever is happening. Always scouring through the internet will also help because you are getting the latest info. There is nothing wrong in tapping into smaller leagues too.

Trust the System

Many gamblers are too focused on looking for ways to beat the bookies. Sportsbook websites are formulated to so that the house will always get an edge over you. 

The system is kind of rigged because players will not get the amount of true odds or value that they are always looking for. It is important for you to be realistic towards the whole gambling system.

Would you assume that you cannot win at all? Well of course not! There are many cases where players can access a good gambling site. A good bookie site will give you a fair probability of winning. 

Hence you can actually trust the system. However, do not trust the system too easily if the odds seem off. 

You can counter this by doing line shopping. Comparing one website with another is a way for you to be able to look for good games. If they are not profitable then you can find other games instead.

Players would also consider forcing their way onto a bet. You may still be interested in placing a bet in that game. Let us say that you actually do. You need to do a sniff test on the games you are interested in. 

A sniff test is basically using mathematical formulas to calculate your value and outcome. In the end, there will always be some money lost in the system. Do not let your predictions and emotions get the best of you. It is okay for the system to make some money because in the end this will always exist.

You mau ask why? Well try different websites so your investments are safe. Trying one type of betting site only can be costly. This also means that one loss will mean nothing much since you have diversified your bookies. 

All in all, bookies and gambling system is amazing. We hope that you can find the right website with trusted odds and licensing. This is crucial in making profit in the world of online gambling. Most of the time, these websites are not profitable at all.

Blaming Your Loss on Bad Luck

Everyone will face an emotional rollercoaster everytime they have just lost a bet. This is normal but do not let this get the best of you. 

A gambler cannot always have inconsistent wins even if you are a professional gambler. Predicting is one thing but the outcome can come in another way. You can have amazing track records but this is the nature of sports betting.

In cases like these, do not make the loss discourage you. Gambling can be quite mentally draining and all. Make sure that you are not clouded with judgement. 

It is very easy for a gambler’s mindset to change once they have faced a loss. Remember that a loss is only a short-term setback. There will be more wins in the upcoming future.

What we are basically telling you is that losing is quite okay. Just remind yourself that a loss will happen in the short run. If you are losing again and again, then there is something wrong. 

You need to reevaluate the types of bets and matches you are placing on. The more bets you make, then the more accurate your predictions will be. You can bet for over 500 matches and only get 50. Use this as a lesson and look at what you are missing on.

Do not be ignorant and ignore all of the mistakes that you might have done. Maybe your loss is caused by some research mistake. You might have missed something while looking up for matches. This is also okay and does not be burdened by it ever.


In conclusion, there are many ways for you to easily lose and make these mistakes. We hope that we have covered a significant amount of sports betting mistakes. Keep in mind that these mistakes are very common and likely to happen every day. We share this to you so that you can avoid these mistakes.

These mistakes will even maximize your profit in the future if you can learn from it. For now, try to avoid these mistakes at all cost.

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