Sports Betting Match

Hello and welcome to today’s article about sports betting match. Many players love gambling but still does not understand some of the most fundamental basics. 

Sports Betting Match

Sports Betting Match

Each time you place a bet there will be certain types of odds that is changing. There is a math and scientific explanation behind this. Say for example that you are an average gambler that is looking to place money. 

You would be looking for a huge games or events such as the super bowl or the NBA finals. Sports better will always use their intuition and place money on their favorite team. If you are a big fan of a team then you would most likely place your bet on that team. 

Because you have a feeling that the team is actually going to win. This is actually no problem. But then you’re only betting on something that you think might win but not actually will win. 

There is a better way in which you can use sports betting math in order to find a better team. Hence increasing your winning outcome at the end of the day

Gambling is based on odds and probabilities. This directly correlates with mathematics. Even games just football or basketball has its own chances of winning.

 If you can understand the math and the science then you can boost your chances of winning. Not many players want to discipline themselves and learn this information. Many players simply please their bets poorly. 

They do not do much research at all and hence you lose the advantage. Instead you will get a disadvantage because you will most likely lose all of the time. Now we will choose a specific sport and we’re going to help you find some of the best winners. So stick with us in this article down below.

Many people worry how math can be confusing. The truth is sports betting math is not that complicated. Of course it is complicated because it is based off of formula and algorithms. 

But we will help you and give you many different illustrations. Let’s give you an example of breaking even. You may win a total of 53% and then you choose to break even. This means that you already take your profits even though the profit is not that big. We will explain the numbers behind this later on.

Basics in Sports Betting

Sports betting is quite a basic topic for us to cover today. So now we are going to talk about an easy illustration for you. 

Let’s illustrate hypothetically that you go into an online casino when there is a big event. You want to place a $200 bet on a game between Lakers versus Golden State warriors. 

So you look at the game and you see which team is doing better. And then the website will show you that the Lakers will have a plus sign. While on the other hand Golden State warriors has a minus sign. 

428 Lakers +178

429 Golden State Warriors -4 -201 108

Many players do not understand what these random number means. But it is actually very easy to understand. You can see that there is a -4 located besides the Golden State warriors. 

This means that the Golden State warriors have a chance to win and if they do so they need to win at least by five points. Hence the payout will show that they will win. 

On top of that you will also see the negative 200 sign besides Golden State warriors. This negative 200 will show that the Golden State warriors is a favorite of two over one. 

And last but not least is 108. 108 will be the over / under points scored in the game. So you can place your money on whether or not the scores will be over 108 or below.

Placing Sports Bet for the First Time

Now let us see if you want to please bets. One of the most common types of bats that players can place on is over or under. Over or under is basically predicting the total score that will be accumulated later on. Under this example the over or underscore is 108. 

This means that if you please over and the game shows a total point of 120 then you will win. But if it goes below 108 then you will lose. This is the terms and conditions of the wager that you’re going to pick. Down below it is three things that you need to know when you want to place a bet.

  1. What type of bet you want to choose
  2. Number of bets you want to place on
  3. Amount of money you are willing to gamble

Check all of these things before you want to gamble. Without checking then you will lose some of the important information and aspects of this game.

Tipping When Gambling in Sports

This next tip is only possible if you’re gambling in an offline casino. This will add on to the sports betting math that we’re going to talk about today. So say that now you want to place tips on a casino staff. Will explain to you why this is important.

We will take another example and case scenario of when you place a $100 bet. Say that you have a chance of winning $400 in total. There is always a rule of thumb that you need to place a 5% tip. 

5% from this would be around $20. This may seem high but you need to see this as an investment. This is a way for you to be able to appreciate the staff that has already give you free tips. 

The staff and these casinos will be the perfect people to give you predictions. They will also give free drinks if you tip them. This is way to make connections in the sports book because he knows. Now let’s get back to the basic math of betting. 

You will want to place another $100 bet. But which bet will you place it on. For example you want to bet on the Golden State warriors. But remember all of the factors that we have talked to you before. You need to be able to win in small aspects to win your bet as a whole. 

If you bet on the Lakers you then have to lose by three points for your bet to pay out. This is to say if you place your bets on those categories. You can also place your bet simply on who wins or loses. 

The payout would not be as much. For example if you bet $100 then you can only win $10 in the process. This is not much profit for you to make considering the risk that you have to take.

All of these are simple bets that does not take much consideration to do. Maybe you have to do a bit of comparison and research. But at the end of the day probability is always the same. 

Take for example you put two white marbles and one black marble all together in a bag. If you try to pick one of them then the odds will always be two to one. 

The odds will remain the same and all you need to do is choose the favorable one. In this case you need to choose the white marble instead. But understand that mathematics in huge events is much harder. Because no one knows the metric to count the probability.

Gamblers will have to subscribe to many different parts. For example you may be looking at the wind or the weather. These aspects or factors may affect the game’s results. Many sports will be affected by different factors. You can compare and see which factors that you need to focus on the most. These factors would most likely be your game changer when placing a bet.

How do Sportsbook Websites Make Money?

Sports bettors have a main goal to make money. Sorry to say but sportsbook websites makes the most money amongst us all. Let us look at how bookies make a profit. Because bookies will eventually make profit if you lose on a bet. Imagine how much they can make off of the many losses daily. 

We will give you another example so you can easily understand this. What’s take an example of you wanting to place a $100 bet. This bet is placed on a 11 to 10 odds. 

This odds is already standard and it is also average. So you place your bet on Lakers against the Golden State warriors. If you have successfully got on the wind then you will have a total of $220 in your pocket. Eventually the sportsbook website will have to pay $210 to the winner. 

And then they will leave and get a $10 profit in their pocket. This is known as the vigorish. Vigorish is the money that an online casino or any type of sportsbook casino will make. Regardless if they win or lose in a single bet.

And this vigorish profit will be accumulated by the casino every single day. They will of course have much more people that is willing to gamble in their website. 

But we will just use this example as a way for you to understand. Feel free to look at the number of total bets that a player can pick. And then you can adjust the money line according to what you want. There are also several other ways for a sportsbook casino to make profits. 

It sportsbook casino will tweak the odds and get the margin from the win and loses. So if there is 100 people that lose and 90 people that win then they profit from the 10 people. 

You can see that the odds are always changing. Each change will give them much more profit. That is why it may be much more profitable for a player to bet a couple days prior to the match.

Eventually the sports book casino has the obligation to change the odds in any way possible. They will hold your money and then they will give it back to you if you win. But if you don’t win then they get to keep all of your money. This is how a sportsbook casino works.

A sportsbook casino will set different types of odds for different games. These odds are based off of the supply and demands of the players themselves. They will also use a formula known as the juice. 

We will simplify this concept for you so it is easy for you to understand. So we are going to take another example of a boxing or MMA match. A player may have the exact posture and strength. 

Hence the amount of people that wants to gamble place bets are equal. We can see if we assume that there will be 10 people on each side with a bet of $10. The odds of this match would be 50/50 or two. You have a chance of doubling your money if you win. So if you win a $10 bet you will get $20 bet.

Sportbook casino site will change if there is one person leaning to another side. The website will never be stagnant and always changing all the time. But don’t worry about that because that is quite simple. 

We will give you another example so that you can understand. Take for example another MMA fight. The bookies will offer you five to six odds. 

This way your $10 bet would only potentially make you round a dollar in profit. If you lose then you lose $10 all at once. The sportsbook casino would most likely make a profit from the $2 margin. 

No matter which fight they actually win they still make a lot of profit. This is the concept of sports betting method you need to know. For example, there’s a $1,000 bet than the bookie can make around $200 from that bet alone. This bet is guaranteed to them if you win or lose. Because even if you win then other people might lose and they make money.

Sportsbook websites will use many different metrics to weigh out their profits. The adjustment may confuse players because the numbers are always changing. 

You may need to be very cautious when you are going to place a bet. Do not bet all in at once without looking at the potential rewards that you may be getting. 

Bookies will also make bets for favorites extremely small. Because there is a ton of people gambling and placing their bets on huge teams. Hence when you win, the bookies lose.

Making money has nothing related to how much you want to bet. Try to increase your bet over time. This will help you reach a higher maximum bet. High maximum bet is usually not accessible by everyone. Only a privileged players are able to get high amounts of money in their first try.

All in all, sportsbook website’s profit is reliant towards a many player’s bets. The more player that gambles means that the more the odds change. 

Sports betting games are still profitable if you can find the right one for you. This is different from casino games that give you fixed odds leaning towards the house.

Odds in Sports Betting

Seriously we have mentioned to you before about breaking even. Now you may be curious about how sports betting odds work. Usually there will be odds that are displayed in percentages. Say for example there is an odd of 52.4%. the 52.4% this is known as the breaking even point. The break even point is a term that people use when you are able to make profits more than your losses.

You may be wondering where does this percentage come from. There are different aspects that determine a certain breakeven percentage. This specific breakeven percentage is predicted from the -110 odds. If you place your bet in -110, then the break even percentage is 52.4%.

If the odds changes than to break even percentage will also change along. Negative 110 is also defined as 11 to 10 bet. A quick comparison is when you place a total number of 21 bets. You have lose 10 bets. Hence the total number of break Even games that you need to win is 11. Even if you only win one game that is already considered as a break even point. Because you don’t lose money but you actually profit a bit of money. The lowest breaking even point that you can get is around 51.2%. anything lower than that would mean that you are not breaking even.

All of these fundamentals are based off of scientific calculations as well as math. Each online casino will have its own formula and algorithm. Hence it is very hard to predict how you can break that algorithm. But overall the sports betting odds principle that we have provided to use important. The moment when you break even means that moment when you already make some profit.

Usually players have an average of 65% record. The 60% betting spree may be profitable. But how about if you lose. We have calculated to you that you can bet a total of six times and lose most of it. 

Even if you lose some games. Six out of four wins will leave you with around $400. And the losses in total would be set at around $160. The calculation would be requiring you to place a total of $1,100. 

With this amount of money, players has a potential to make $160 clean. This profit is already excluded from the losses. You can see that it takes an average of $6.8 for you to win $1. 

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much you bet. The calculation will always be the same. You can apply this up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and still get the same amount of profit.

There’s also a chance where players cannot reach the break-even point. This is the moment where the vigorish gets you. If you spend a total of $1,100 and you lose 550 then you don’t make any profit at all. 

This is what is called as a failed break-even. Feel free to try other games and don’t force your way to break even. Breaking even has its own challenges.

Professional Sports Gambler

People may think that gambling is all about odds. If you do your homework well then you have a potential to become a professional sports better. Professional sports Gambler is a part-time job that people take. It is basically the same as you enjoying a game and then placing a bet.

But the difference is that they do heavy research on the margins in each casino games. Hence they put hours and hours of research to look for which site they can gamble on. After that they will do the math and see if the game is profitable for them.

We have already explained to you the concept of breaking even. One of the illustration we have provided to you is the 52.4% break-even point. This break even point can be used as a reference for any gamblers in the world.

But in order for you to become a professional player then you need to step up that record. Players that want to reach a professional gambling career needs to have a 53% up to 55% breakeven percentage. The moment when you were able to reach this then you can make a lot of money.

One of the best experiments that people can do is to place a bet on a specific match. For example you place a bet on Lakers against Golden State warriors. You are going to gamble a total of $10,000 on a team. The bats can change in either ways as long as you use the same budget. Do not bet more than what you cannot lose.

All of this $10,000 will not be used all at once. Instead you will use that $10,000 to bet on different matches. For example you will have a total of 100 or 200 matches. The payout will be quite slow. But the break even point you want to Target is around 55%. A way for players to be able to make profit is to place bets on the same matches.

This match must be the exact same team and you will try to get a high breakout point. The break-even point can be reached if you bet consistently. These types of bat can achieve you up to 1.1 times the original amount. Hence the profit is around 10% of what you gamble. In total you can make $11,000 within a season.

Can also place your bets in other types of matches. For example if you’re already bored with basketball and then go into the nfl. You can apply the same strategies for example please around $500 back. Has a potential of hitting the 55% break Even point.

Anyone who can hit that point will make a ton of money. For example you can turn $10,000 into $4,000. Now you may be wondering why the profit is much more here. The reason is because you are choosing more than one games.

All of this can only happen if you can successfully get the right predictions. This is still requires personal research and there is no shortcut to this. Don’t trust any other sources to do the research for you. With high return there’s also high risk. But all of this risk can be minimized with in-depth analysis.

Being a professional Gambler is challenging. Because these people have to train themselves not to always follow their emotions. there are lots of calculations and mathematics based predictions. That is why you can see these professional gamblers using softwares. You may try software if you want to.

They have proven to be useful in order to see the variance that is most feverable. To conclude all you need to achieve is around 55%. The minimum breaking even point is around 52%. It is technically impossible to get anything above 60%. If you get it then you get it but it is not a realistic at all throughout a single season.

Professional gamblers play and gambling the long run. They do not just gamble in a week or a month. Instead they wait the whole season or even the whole year to make profits. In a single month you may lose money but it takes patience to make money. Amazing gamblers will understand that math is always the key to winning bets. That is why we created this section specifically talking about sports betting math.

One thing that a professional Gambler might do is to look over the statistics. Statistics can be seen from over 10 years of experience. All of this data will be compiled into one. this data is crucial to make the right bet.

Even a change in player or weather can affect a single outcome. Professional gamblers are able to look into the small details for example on who throws the ball in a pitch. If that player is throwing the pitch again then you may need to predict if the game will win or lose. Gamblers can do this too.

But professional gamblers can do it within a fraction of a second. Each information is key to making a good bet. You can also use these information to find a new theory. Professional gamblers must also be able to observe the situation.

You need to see who is playing in the home or the away team. Maybe you could also see the coach and how the team is performing as a whole. Statistics is a part of gambling. Forget to also incorporate intuition and your own feelings.

If you want to be a professional gambler then follow these steps above. One of the small baby steps that you can take is to record your wins. Whether it is a win or a loss just record it. Count the total amount of money that you have won. See if your strategy is working. If it is not working then try other types of strategies until we can make a bunch of money.

What Counts as a Good Record for Gamblers

We have reached the end of this article. Now, it is time to learn about what is considered as a good record. Good record is a very lucky track record that consists of huge profits. Getting profits is as easy as looking for a nice odds. The average good record is set at around 1200 to 900. This can be hard to achieve for normal players.

Anything for a gambler is considered as a good bet as long as it is above the break even percentage. Right now that percentage is considered to be at 52.4%. Anything higher than that will indicate that you are actually profiting and not losing money. Everyone will aim to win over the bettors. Feel free to look for other kinds of records that might be favorable for you.

We will give you another illustration of a good record that you should know. A good record would be placing a -110 wager. This wager is considered as a good bet because you are gaining $10 for every $100. So in total you get $110.

You can determine your own good record. As long as this good record means that you win more than you have lost. It is okay to lose. As long as the wins will cover for those losses.

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