How to Research in Online Sports Betting

Doing research is essential in order to win your sport’s expecting matches. How to Research in Online Sports Betting?

Today we’re going to teach you how and why this is an essential part. Players meeting that they are already professional and capable of making their own decisions. 

However all that need to be considered over and over again. Looking something subjectively may not work for you. That is why you need an objective point of view to win your bets. Even professional gamblers will have hard time trying to win their bets. This is because statistics and research can be unpredictable too. 

There are other factors and the small details that you need to cover when you’re gambling. Hence all of these will contribute as your favorite winning strategy later on. 

Some players were still new maybe or not used to this. Research is a way for players to look for resources in order to find a good bet. You can pick a single match and see it from different angles. For example you can see if the players are doing well. 

There are many information and databases that will provide you with plenty of information. You may be confused on where to start. Today we’re going to dissect this part of sports gambling and teach you all about it. So stick with us until the end to find more.

In this article today we’re going to talk about what you need to know. Things such as research and the basic fundamentals will be discussed right here. 

This article is perfect for anyone that is just starting in the world of online gambling. Things such as how to start and how to read simple statistics will be explained in our article today. 

These tips are compiled by professional gamblers that has years of experience in this industry. Our expert team will make sure that this can totally boost your profits later on.

Doing research will always be a great move if you’re an experienced gambler. Four years are tired of losing all the time. This should be reason for you to find newer strategies and do your homework. Doing research will boost your track record and wins. 

In the end you will get profits that are equivalent to the amount of research and hard work that you put in. Let’s start seeing the basics of how to research your sports betting matches.

How to Find Bets to Start Making Them

Research in Online Sports Betting

We’re going to give you some new information that you may have not heard of before. So do not be surprised when you hear these things.

Our advice is that you don’t have to try hard in order to find the best. You don’t even have to find a specific but at all. Instead we want you to pick a single category that is much easier to understand. 

These types of category maybe football or basketball. After picking a single game then you can start doing research based off of that game. For example when the season starts on which team is currently in favor of winning. 

You can do this step by step and do not rush the process. You can even apply this at a huge scale and find more than one type of game. Never force a bit. Instead look at the bigger picture and see betting options that you have never tried before. 

These predictions are much better because you are interested and understand the basics. Hence do not force anything at all. You can even approach games that you already like and look for a good moneyline bet. These bets will make you big bucks.

The leagues that you choose does not always have to be NFL or the NBA. Feel free to pick any game and any betting style that you want. You can try parlay, teaser, individual matches, or even prop betting. All of these different betting style can be adjusted and tried once or twice. 

If you like the game, then your prediction will also be much better. Look deep into the types of sports that you are interested to try. After that look at the tiniest details such as weather forecast and etc.

Players can even make a short list of things to check. These may be the odds that you want or the risk you are willing to take. 

Apply this to different betting styles and see if you like any. This will act as a filter to find the games that suits you. Maybe you can find prop bets such as over or under. Maybe you could even try matches that are underdog which will give higher payout. 

Settling for a normal bet can also be strategic because you do not have to always find big odds. Small odds with small risk can be a way to go. Just on which spread you want to place your money on.

This part may have not been the main subject of this article today. Do not worry because we are going to talk deeper on how you can start looking for profitable matches. Read below about doing your own research.

How to Research in Online Sports Betting?

Previously talked about some of the ways that you can try to win sports betting. Next up it is also important to know how to start your own research. 

How you’re also going to make your bets later on will depend heavily on this. Right at this moment there are so many strategies that players have applied to their games. There is no specific strategy that will work for everyone. A strategy that might work for you might not work for anyone else. 

So feel free to check out the strategy that is best suitable for you. We’re also going to use the opinions and recommendations of sports betting experts. Experts tend to have a lot of experience in the field of online gambling. That is we’re going to take their word for it. 

We will try to compile this article from a top to down approach. First of all let’s talk about the major statistics and information that you will get. These are considered as the big picture items and then we will look at the smallest details to perfect your bet. 

Take for example that you want to place a bet on a basketball match from the NBA. The best way start is to look at the position of that team in a league. Dominating or are they placed at the very bottom in the rankings. 

You should also look at their past statistics and see what is the likelihood of the playoffs. Because statistics and major data will also indicate how well a team is doing. Besides that there are other factors that you may want to consider. 

For example the Lakers may be doing better and who matches in comparison to away games. You can use this information to your advantage later on if you want to place bets in home games. Last but not least also look at the smallest things such as the coaches performance or individual players.

You can look at team stats and see who is performing well. This way, gamblers can also identify potential bets. Take a look at who has the most potential chance of winning your bets.

All of this information will contribute to your bet later on. We will continue this research process by looking at the teams performance. You can even start making your own predictions with these information alone. 

However, we do recommend that you look at each of these big information separately. To do this, you can look at each player’s stats or quarterly data. The amount of information that you can conclude can be per month or every 20 matches. 

This is much more realistic because it is much doable in comparison to other methods. After that, you can see what is the average points that a team will be scoring. This prediction is perfect if you want to make prop bets. Especially to bets that will place your money on points. 

You can segment the data that you have gained into 4 different parts. For example you can look at the data from the first 3 months of the year and then continue on. Players can put it all together later on by averaging the data. 

All in all, you should be able to find a good prediction and look around for a good bet. A good bet will consist of a consistent team that has a high win rate. Say for example that your prediction shows you that a team may not do well at the beginning of the season. 

You can place your bets later on in the mid season or nearing the playoffs. There is also a chance for you to bet against them which is by betting on the under dog.

One thing that you can look out for is a spread bet. Players can bet on an underdog in order to make some temporary profits. Note that some websites will even offer you a much better deal. 

Gamblers are allowed to place bets on an underdog team only at the first half. There is also a chance for you to bet on the ending half of the match. Players do not have to bet big right away on the whole match. This is the point of prop betting.

We will also give you different approached into the game. For example look on a game based off of the line ups. You cannot just see stats and numbers all the time. 

Things such as the current weather, injured players, starting lineups, and etc is also important. If not, then you might miss a lot of thing. You can start at the bigger pictures first. Some of the basic fundamentals is that teams will play better in home games or nearing the playoffs. If a team has nothing to fight for anymore, then they may have already been losing. The chances of these teams hitting the playoffs is also extremely low. Do not try to hit a bet on a team that has nothing to lose. 

Players should also be able to prioritize their time. Time is always limited when you want to gamble big. The gambling websites will never wait for you to make up your mind. 

That is why research should be done effectively and as prepared as possible. Feel free to do your research ahead of time. These huge matches will be released months or weeks before the due date. 

Hence an educated bet can be created and achieved in the end. Do not place a bet if you are still not sure if you can win or lose. This way, you can save your money to make much more later on.

Some Resources to Pay Attention To

We have discussed to you before that there are many different ways that you can tackle this. Let us talk about where you can find these information and statistics. There are plenty of sources that is trusted. All you need to do is to find the right one that suits your sport betting needs. 

To start off, we highly encourage players to link up to sports media. There are plenty of analysis done by the professionals such as in major media like ESPN. ESPN will have all of the stats that you need in order to make a conclusion. 

These stats have also been broken down to make it easy for you. Take the calculation and compare it to any past events. Such as the historical data of a previous season. Doing this will surely provide you with a much more accurate bet.

Big sports media is not the only way for a player to get good source. You can also find a much better source at a stats website. 

There are several stats website that specializes in different sporting events. The biggest ones are such as MLB, NBA, NFL, and etc. These websites will only cover the big leagues. Because the big leagues have the most data and statistics combined. 

You can look at the trend and also see the calculation. These websites can be found online and we cannot recommend you to pick a specific one. Take for example an analysis regarding pitching stats. You can see that some pitchers will definitely have a higher chance or a much better stats. 

Look at the last 10 pitches that they have done. This can provide you with information regarding an individual player’s performance. Hence you can then choose if they might be valuable for you or not.

There are some occasions when the data that you are looking for is not free. Players have to pay for these kinds of information. Paying for information should be done at a trusted website. 

Free options is also available but most of the time they are only general info that might not be relevant. 

Whereas paid information is much more accurate because they are provided by sports betting professionals. All of this trusted information can be a key to winning a sports betting match. You can purchase these services if you like to, but beware of scams too.

You can see that up to this point we have not talked about any predictions or picking one. This is because research should always be surfaced and not detailed to the specifics. 

We do this for a reason which is so that you can make your own decisions. Players need to be able to do their own research and then pull the trigger. Do not look at outside sources to pull the trigger for you. 

You can pick a game or two and then look for reassurances from experts online. This way, you can even train your instincts to become a much better gambler in the future. 

There is actually nothing wrong with taking advice from professional gamblers. You need to check their credibility again so that you can be more sure. Picking a professional needs to be done properly. 

Players are also advised to do research objectively and subjective to your own instincts. Looking for bets online can be a good start or look for tip offs. And then you can train yourself to be a much better expert. 

Do not be afraid of making a prediction because you can train better this way. Even if you lose, you have a chance to get better later on in the future. Just think of it as a temporary investment for a much accurate prediction later one.

Last but not least is that you we will also recommend you another source that you can use. This is known as the live game footage or past footages. All types of sporting events will always be recorded. You can track these recordings through Youtube or any other social media platform. Past game footages is perfect to find out about how well a team is doing. 

You can look at their performance at an individual level and track them one by one. Somethings will never be found on a traditional statistic or data. Things such as garbage points or lucky shots. Feel free to also look at the goal percentage of a specific player. 

Players who are not aware cannot make an assumption by placing their money. This will make you lose money instead of trying to make a lot of cash. This is why sports betting is always correlated with research which takes time and effort.

Comparison of Good Statistics vs Bad Statistics

Since you’re very interested in statistics then we’re going to talk about the difference. There are some major differences between what is considered as a good statistic and worthless statistic. 

Now we are going to number them and look at the value of each side. Because surely you want to find the best side that will provide you with the highest percentage of win. This win can only be gained if you can choose a good statistic bet.

To start off we are going to look at the simple comparison. One of the major differences is that you need to really break down and look at the details. 

This is the only way for you to be able to find the difference between good and bad statistics. We’re going to break it down for you and take an example of a baseball game.

Say for example you want to place a bet on a baseball game and you have to compare the statistics. You will be looking at the scores and the field percentages. 

There’s this one thing known as the era. You are a specifically used to compare starting pictures. The average number of era is around 2.61. you can use this data and compare it with the other statistics. 

The other statistics shows that the team has never lost a game on a Thursday in December for over 3 years. This can be a hint for you that you have found a good bet right? Well don’t conclude too quickly.

The first type of statistics that we provided to you as considered as a good statistic. On top of that the second statistic is concluded as a bad or worthless statistic.

The way we look at it is that the first statistic have a real impact on the game. The statistic is based off of mathematical calculation and the performance of the player themselves. This is different if you look at the second statistic that is based off of coincidence. 

There is no mathematical or statistical explanation on how these teams can win on every Thursdays in september. Hence this is a way for players to be able to compare the two types of statistics.

Being able to distinguish the differences is an important part of the game. It is the only way for you to succeed and make a good prediction. It is pointless if you do research on thousands of different matches. 

However you’re still unable to pick one or two good matches. You don’t have to pick more than 10 mattress to start with. Even one is enough if you are 90% sure that the game can be won by them. This will make you a much more dominant gambler.

On top of that you also need to look for statistics that are most relevant. The relevancy can be seen by how players doing in the current season. Do not place your bets on a brandly made team because you still don’t have much statistics in the end. 

Relevant statistics will help you get to the top of the food chain. The only way to get relevant statistics as if you have many data regarding the team. For example the team has been playing for 20 years. The long track record will help you gain better knowledge.

Tips to Get Better Research Results

There are several things that you need to know before you scour through the internet. In the end researching for sports betting mattress is simply not black and white. 

You need to take in mind all of the other factors that will affect the outcome. For example the weather or how the pictures are doing. Utilizing these types of information will give you the success that you’re looking for. Down below are some of the tips that you can use to boost your confidence.

Look Up What a Game is Implying

There are many things that people will miss out on if they’re too focused on one thing. Let’s see that you are too focused on the NFL for season. Then you’re going to miss out on the game implications that is also important. 

Keep in mind that a team need to play for something for example the playoffs or other types of mean goal. If they don’t have to school in mind then they don’t have anything to lose. The outcome of this is that the team would give a much lesser performance. 

The coaches will also be a great part of the team’s performance. If they have a bad coach or a new coach then you may need to reassess the outcome.

A team may also have a much higher advantage if they’re playing in their own home. The reason is that there are much more supporters and pressure from the coaches. Hence the team has much more to play for. A theme that is also nearing the playoffs is also team worth gambling on.

The statistics that you are looking for should not be time consuming. Feel free to follow a favorite league such as the NFL, NBA, and etc. Following a specific league will give you an edge because you have a much deeper understanding. Do not be too focused on the big and small details to the point you miss the deadline. If you are ready then go ahead and place your bets.

Find a Good Starting Point Each Week

Looking at an online sports book you will confuse you. There are dozens of thousands of games presented every single day. Each week you need to be able to know when and where you want to start. 

One thing that we highly recommend is to have a specific starting point. For example you need to filter through all of the matches quickly. From 1,000 different football matches you can filter it down to the top 10. 

To do this you need to be able to look at which are the big leagues that you want to bet on. Maybe you also want to gamble and place on smaller leagues. It is totally up to you which leaks that you want because it also depends on the understanding of a specific gambler. 

You do not have to have a small scope on your starting point. Starting point is just there so that you don’t have to be stuck in the beginning of the week. Instead you have a starting point to point you towards the matches you want to gamble on.

One perfect example of this is that say that you want to place a bet. It is a brand new week and you don’t know when to place a bet. 

You can look at the active games and look at the major teams that are playing. Major teams would most likely be fighting against The underdogs. Underdogs will have a much lower chance of winning but with better odds. 

You can do a research on this match because it is considered as a grand match. After that you can look at the statistics of each player and make your decision. 

If the statistics match up then you can bet on the mega or big team. However players may even still be worrisome. This is where you bet again the big team and put your money on the underdogs.

There are dozens of metric that you can choose in order to get a good bet. It is simply a way for you to structurize your bets. Do not jump from one League to another because this will be very messy. You can start off your day by looking at NFL bets and then move on to NBA the next day.

This is not really a necessary thing to do. It is simply a way for players to better manage their bets. You can start doing this to save a lot of time. Feel free to gamble big when you are ready to.

Validate Each Information and Statistics

Getting raw data itself is not a strategic move for a player to do. You also have to make sure and recheck on all of the statistics that has been gained. 

The research that you have done is only coming from one source only. This is a main reason for you to recheck and not to trust a single source. Most of the time these data and statistics may not even be real at all. 

Even names like ESPN can be unreliable at times. It is strategic for a player to find multiple sources and then look if the stats are the same. Same stats will mean that your source is already perfect. 

Feel free to use this to make a good prediction for your matches. If not, then try looking for a third or more than 5 sources all at once. Fact checking will always be an important aspect of sports betting.

Getting wrong information can lead to you making a wrong prediction. This mistake can be very fatal because you’re losing a lot of money. In the end your research that you have spent hours on will be ineffective. 

The best way for you to validate is that you need to make sure you’re using reputable sources. Do not go to online forums where everyone can speak out their minds. For example you can go to big social media pages that are already trusted. Some of these media outlets may be the guardian or espn. 

This type of source is the best one because you can get an up-to-date and valid statistic. The chances of these websites giving you bad information is highly unlikely. 

On top of that you can also double check and look for an independent source. There are many independent sources such as professional gamblers that are already experience to do so. 

Do not check with a similar website or a website that has connection. This will mean that the database that they’re using is the same. 

What you need is an objective source that provides just the same accurate data that you are looking for. If the numbers don’t match up then this can be red flag for you. Do not place a bet if something is still bothering you.

Data or information that you have gained may not check out in the very beginning. That is why you need to continuously check your data over and over again. 

Say that your first two sources is in complete. You can look for a third source and see which one is matching up. On top of that you can also look for a fourth or fifth source. 

Last but not least is that you can check your statistics by using a sniff test. A sniff test is a way for players to see if the numbers are logical. If the numbers are illogical or it doesn’t make sense then it is another red flag. 

What we mean by illogical or logical is just look at the points scored by a player. If it seems impossible then it is most likely going to be wrong. 

Sports betting also requires general knowledge so that players know what they want to look out for. You cannot just gamble in the NFL if you have no knowledge about the league at all. If you are considering to bet in the NFL then you might want to find an external source or friend.

Be Careful of External Opinions

I’ve mentioned to you before that experts are very important. Research and information alone may not be enough. However there are some limits to you listening to an expert. 

For example you cannot just look for data if this data is not valid. Most of the time players would look for online forums that is talking about these matches. 

These online forums may be read it or similar types of forums. Forums or people’s opinion is very dangerous. You will be swayed towards their opinion and you will pick a match based off of other people’s perspective. 

It is very illogical for you to trust an external source that has no validity. That is why players need to be able to do analysis. You can take people’s opinion but you also need to analyze it based off of the information you have gotten. 

If you don’t do analysis then you’re just going to process all of this opinion. Do not be an opinion piece where you make a bad bet off of other people’s prediction.

Put in The Hardwork

If you want to win big then you need to put a lot of effort. The only way for players to be able to make money is if you want to do research. 

You cannot cut corners when playing an online sports gambling. Sports gambling do not work that way because each bed is unpredictable. You can pick a specific field that you want to try in first. You don’t have to be rushed by any other thing.

 If you’re not ready to place a bet then don’t place a bet at all. Having a good prediction is important for you to survive in the world of sports gambling. If you lose then you’re going to lose a lot of money too. 

Check back at yourself and see how much time you’re spending for a single match. This research should take her on a couple of hours. You can even dig deeper and do an analysis on each individual players. 

This can even take up to couple of days and that is okay. Just make sure that these matches are announced couple of weeks prior to the main event. This is important so that you have plenty of time to do your research and you will not be rushed. 

It may take you a lot of time but keep in mind that it will be worth it in the end. We have explained to you before the importance of choosing a team first and then looking for outside opinion.

Take Notes!

Always take notes and document every single bet that you have placed. You can look at your betting slip history and they will show you a long list of majesty you have placed your bet on. 

Statistics can be overwhelming. You can structurize your statistics and look at matches and players. After gaining the statistics then you can copy it and compile it into one. 

It can be very complicated to look at many data at the same time. For example one of the main accidents that people come across as they use the wrong statistics for a wrong match. This is because you have bad organizing skills and you end up making the wrong decision. 

No matter how professional you think you are you may still make these minor mistakes. The minor mistakes is not worth it to make if it’s going to lose you a lot of money. 

Make notes if you have to and go to excel sheets or Google sheets. Being organized and detailed will be a key factor in you gaining success.


That we have reached the end of this article. We hope that the information was provided to you is useful. Do not forget that sports betting needs effort. 

It does not solely based off of luck and a 50/50 coin flip. That is why professional gamblers exist in the world of online sports betting. If you’re able to utilize this strategy properly and then you can start winning. 

Dedication is also important to make it big in the world of online sports gambling. We can only give you this much information. Feel free to look at our other articles about betting strategies. The strategies should help you make much more money later on in the future.

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