Prop Betting Strategy: Tips for New Players

Prop Betting Strategy: Tips for New Players: A good strategy requires deep understanding before you can start making big bucks. Lucky for you we have got it all covered today.

Today we are going to talk about the first part of being a successful and rich sports gambler. This is about using strategy to the limits and understanding it well. 

Strategies are created to be followed and consistently used. A player cannot make profits if they are not consistent with what they are doing. One way you can do this is to be focused with what you want. If you want to make long term profits, then you must also put in the hard work. There is no shortcut to make money at sports betting.

Prop betting strategy is one of the most popular strategy right now. You will learn a lot after reading this article. This strategy is legal and does not use any arbitrary at all.

However, right now prop betting has a set of rules that players need to abide by. You cannot just gamble and use this whenever you want to. 

Today we’re going to talk about one thing that is special. You cannot just learn this from any other gamblers. This strategy might work in some website and it might not work in others.

So each strategy should be adopted accordingly.

The strategy is also fitted for players needs. This may be time-consuming but be patient and learn some more about prop betting strategies. Now rather than spending any more time let’s jump directly into it.

What is Prop Betting?

Prop Betting Strategy

Prop bad thing is similar to the other concepts of gambling. This is basically a way for players to make more money with short amount of time. Probably betting can be defined as placing wagers on something much more valuable than the money line. This can be money lines, total of the games, spreads. Prop betting is also known as proposition betting and there are so many aspects of this strategy that you can exploit. The reason why people love prop betting is because it is very easy to do. It is also entertaining for newer players or even older players. Down below we’re going to talk more about it so you can do it yourself.

Proposition Betting Options for Players to Try

The truth is that player should be able to bet in any type of sports that they want to. However there are still some more popular categories in comparison to the others. For example football is much more popular than basketball in some areas. Hence not all sports proposition will be the same. In this article were not just going to talk about popularity. But we’re also going to talk about some other factors that will be important.

Types of Proposition Betting:

  • Bet on whether or not there is overtime
  • Bet on whether or not touchdown is within first half
  • Bet on whether or not there is a penalty
  • Bet on which team will score first
  • Bet on which player will score first
  • Bet on which side will get a penalty kick or not
  • Bet on which side will get the first card
  • Bet on which player will make first assist
  • Bet on the amount of interception in a match
  • Bet on total scores
  • Bet on total passes
  • Beton the total goals in a match
  • Sports Betting Proposition

The ones we have explained to you up there are just some of the examples. If you are still confused, well proposition betting is simple. It is betting on the simplest little things that people might not notice.

For example on who scores first or who makes the first pass. Each sports will have its own proposition betting style.

Proposition betting is not meant to be a way for players to make much money. It is entertaining but it cannot give you consistent gains. You need to pair this with other categories and a main bet. This means you must also place huge bets. After that, you can then place your favorite proposition bets. Next we will also discuss other types of proposition bets that you may be interested in.

Entertainment Proposition Bets

Who says that gambling is only about sports and soccer. Now there are other types and categories of gambling. This is called as the entertainment proposition betting. You can bet on many different events that is not related to sports at all. For example you want to bet on the national spelling bee or other types of event. This is totally possible.

Some other types of famous entertainment proposition are on main events. Some would include the survivor, american idol, and the voice. You can pick the ones that you like. Not all bookie will offer these types of prop bets. Because prop bets on entertainment is not really favored by many people. Only people who are feeling lucky would try these types of betting.

Placing your money on prop bets is not based on any statistical prediction at all. Instead you are kind of only guessing. So do not place huge bets on these types of prop betting.

Political Prop Betting

Ever wonder what it is like to gamble on political events? Well this is actually very possible! You and anyone else can place money on the US elections or other country’s elections. For example there was a prop betting provided by a bookie. This bet is between president Biden vs Trump. The outcome will be decided by the amount of people that places their bet on one side. So if too many people bet on Biden, then the odds for Biden is also much lower. 

Political props is rare to be found and only licensed providers is allowed. One of the most popular website to offer political prop is Betfair. They had a total of 500 million dollars during the 200 Presidential Race. You could make some easy money from that presidential race alone. 

e-Sports Proposition

Next up, let us talk about e-sports proposition. E-sports is a very famous sports betting field right now. Players are able to make money similar to how they make money on football betting. You can bet on the winning or losing team. Hence the concept is still very similar.

There are some differences in the prop betting part. E-sports betting has some different technicalities. For example on who can get the first kill, or who can win the pistol round. Each e-sports game is also different from the other. Dota 2 has a different concept than when you try to play Valorant. Look for the games that you already understand. Feel free to also check the odds and what they offer. Not all websites will provide you with e-sports prop betting. Props betting in e-sports may not be consistent at all. Beware of the inconsistency when you try to get profits.

Prop Betting Strategies For You to Try

We have given to you some examples regarding prop betting strategy. You may have also understand what prop betting is as a whole. But on top of that, we are also going to give you additional tips and tricks. These strategies alone may not be enough for a new player. So come and take a look down below.

These strategies that we are going to provide to you can be altered depending on what you need. For example you can choose between sports and e-sports and then place a bet. Placing a bet pre match is very important. You want to get the best odds you can possibly get. This good odds is only possible when you place your money early.

Double Check the Statistics of Each Team

Being detailed can be useful when you are gambling and playing in online casinos. A player has to be able to do their own research. Do not just settle with the information that has already been fed to you. Other players will also do their own research and compete to get the best odds. Whoever can bet fastest will get good odds. The problen with late betting is that the odds will change and not favor you. In order to make good money, then you also need good source and information.

One way that a player can keep track of their profit is by doing note taking. Use an online spreadsheet or Excel. Through this, you can mark down every single bet that you have made. You can even write down the profits of each bet. Players can bet high if they are confident with their money. 

Beware of Betting Options Phrasing

Each category will have different ways for you to bet. For example the bet would say “Will Christiano Ronaldo have an assist? Yes or No?”. Then you get to choose between yes or no. But the problem is that some bookies might count that as only 1 assist not more than one. Beware of where you are placing your money. This is a huge problem for some gamblers. The casino sites is also aware when they do this to you.

One thing to see is the wording of each bets. You need to look at each wording and see which one is the best and correct. Only then you can get a definitive payout without any ambiguous wording.

Do not Rely On Luck

Most prop betting is based on luck. This is because the chances of these happening is highly unlikely. That is why players would lose most of the time. 

The luck based props are such as odd/even scores, goals above or under and etc. This requires no skills at all to predict. Because even a nwe player can immediately place a bet on one of those. There is a difference between luck based and analysis based props.

We do not encourage players to only place prop bets. Prop bets is a good betting strategy if you base it off of statistical data. 

However, there are still some key things that you need to look at. Such as the weather, player performance, coaches, and etc. Hence prop betting is much detailed.

Do Not Invest a Lot in Prop Bets

One rule of thumb is to never place too much eggs in one basket. This exact words can be applied to prop betting. Prop betting is only a way for players to have fun and joke around. 

To actually get money, then you need to diversify the choices that you get. For example bet in underdog teams and then use prop betting. Hence losing is not that much if you lose. 

Bookies will also put a limit on prop betting. You cannot just bet thousands of dollars on a single player. Each bet is already calculated with a specific algorithm provided by the sports book website. 

So betting around $10 up to $20 max should be enough. Look for other betting strategies instead to bet big. We have talked about teaser betting which is another potential way for you to gamble.

Make Up Your Own Prop Betting Strategy

Prop betting is diverse and you have a lot of choices. It is impossible to apply one strategy to 10 different sports. Eventually you have to create or develop your own strategy. Strategies are easy to understand and create. For example you have been rooting for a team and you know all about this team. Then place your prop bets on this team. For example you can look for specific betting options such as the player or who will score first. This is a great way for players to make a lot of money. Do not rely on gurus or online forums. Instead rely on your own research and intuition to find the best results. This may consume a lot of time for you. The reward is also worth it in the end because you can make huge gains and profit.

Pros and Cons of Proposition Betting

Everything has its pros and cons. Even prop betting has a few cons that you need to learn and understand. Come take a look at those pros and cons today.

Pros of Prop Betting

  • Lots of variety and category to choose from
  • New ways of betting
  • Entertaining and fun to enjoy
  • High rewards
  • Bets can be predicted and exploited

Cons of Prop Betting

  • Bookies will limit your betting amount
  • Players might be restricted after winning once
  • Most are based off of luck
  • High risk for players to try

Prop Betting Frequently Asked Questions

We are not done with this article yet because this is also an important part. Today we are going to talk about the FAQ. FAQ will answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our readers. We hope this section can help answer that.

  1. Is proposition betting really profitable?

    Prop betting can be profitable if you win and if you are lucky. There are several factors that will affect your end results. Betting more than one prop betting can be a potential way for you to make money.

    Players cannot make a lot of money from one bet alone. This has proven to be true because bookies also want to make money. If you win by placing $1000 then the bookie site will lose a lot of money. 

    You can diversify your bets and this way you can make much more money. Choose around 4 to 5 different categories. Only bet within $1 up to $10. Hence loss is not really significant this way.

  2. What is the best prop betting strategy?

    Prop betting strategy does not really work that much. One person may try to tell you that they use a certain strategy. The truth is that everyone can develop their own strategy. 

    It is only up to you on which betting style you want to choose. So far, strategies do not work well if you give them to other people. 

    Because you may like football prop bets, but your friend is giving you basketball prop strategies. If incase you lose, then you have no idea what happened of why that happened.

  3. Why is it hard to find E-sports prop bets?

    It is a challenge for you to find e-sports prop bets. The reason is because players most likely would bet on the team instead on the small specific options.

    Players do not really want place bets if they know it is hard to lose. Do not worry because new and upcoming websites do offer this option now. You can look for websites that are specialized in e-sports betting. They should be able to offer prop betting options to you.

  4. Is there a limit to prop betting stakes?

    The answer is yes. Sports betting sites will try to limit the amount of money that you can potentially make. This is because any types of prop bets will payout high rewards. 

    Even betting $1 can give you up to 10 times the original amount. The amount of reward that you can get is high and bookies do not want to lose money. 

    That is why bookies will try to limit the amount of money that you can win. Do not be worried because players can still get a lot of money. Try to login into several different prop betting sites to get good rewards.

  5. What is the best website for prop betting?

    We cannot give you a specific answer on this one. You can do your own research and try to find the best one for you. Each players will have their own preferences on where to gamble. 

    If you can find the right website then you can make a lot of money. Feel free to bet big and win big in many sports betting sites. Moving from one site to another can also ensure maximum rewards. Doing this would not limit you from getting money later on.

Summary of Prop Betting

Overall, we have provided to you some of the most potentially used prop betting options. Players need to be able to choose the right betting options for them. Do not just gamble without much considerations. Any type of bet that you want to place must be done with cautious. 

Beware about the wordings, stake, and the website you play in. All of this will give you maximum yield if done properly. Keep in mind that there is a certain limit to prop betting. All in all, we hope that prop betting can help you win more. Feel free to check our other articles to find out more about sports betting.

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