Pleaser Betting Strategy: Brand New Popular Strategy 

You may have heard of teaser betting before. However, not many people have heard of pleaser betting at all. If you have not read that article yet then you may want to go back to that article. That article will explain a great deal of information on teaser betting. 

Pleaser and teaser betting is very similar within its own concepts. We will discuss to you what teaser is all about later on. 

Pleaser betting strategy is a way for players to make a bit more money but in a fun way. This strategy is not recommended for newer players. 

Hence you may need to learn a bit or two first about teaser betting in order to understand pleaser. Let us look deeper into what pleaser betting is all about.

In this article below, we are going to give you everything that you need about pleaser betting. After this, you should be able to use this idea so that you can gain more profit.

What is pleaser bets?

Pleaser Betting

Pleaser bet uses the opposite concept against teaser bets. In a pleaser bet, players will be allowed to bet in line with the sportsbook. 

Hence you are only going to be able to get normal odds instead of boosted odds. The good thing about this is that you can actually bet with the sportsbook against other players. The chances of winning may be a bit higher.

Take for example you want to place combo bets. But in the end you get much higher pay because you are placing it on paying 1 to 6. Pleaser and teaser bets have a bit of similarity. In which both types of bets will have a modified point spread. Hence the outcome may be similar in the end.

Where can you place pleaser bets?

Pleaser bets can be placed in almost any website. For example you can place your bets on the biggest websites. Pleaser bets is quite uncommon and cannot be played in small ones. Most of the times, pleaser bets will be provided by huge websites.

That’s the website you must also know which category of game you want to try. For example sports betting itself is divided into many categories. Players can pick a different category for example the football or basketball.

 Some of the most recommended ones that we recommend to you is nba, premier league and nfl. These are some of the most popular sports league right now. Hence the chance of success is also high. To start you can place your bet for example in 5.5 points at NBA. 

Each bet is different based on the matches that you’re playing. So the odds might change a bit when you try to look it up later on. There are simply too many pleaser betting options to cover today. So we’re just going to mention to you some of the most popular ones. 

In those markets you have a higher chance of success because there are much more prediction. Smaller leagues will have low predictability. Hence calculating the math in itself is much harder and analysis is also harder.

Will give you a easy example to understand. For example you want to place a pleaser bet in a two team of 6 point ties. You are going to place your bet of six to one. For example you will get six times the original amount of one bet.

Talk to you about how to calculate. For example the easiest way to calculate is by dividing the risk by return. In this case you will be able to get the break even point. 

Say for example you place a bit of 600 point on a $100 bet. So in the end you will only get $700 in total. So you risk $100 to get $700 in total. 

The math would be 100 / 700. So you will get around 14%. This 14% is an important number for you to know. 14% will be the standard for you to break even in an individual leg. 

After you get a 14% you need to find the square root of that number. The square root 14% is eventually going to be 37%. This number should be a guide for you to place your bets.

This calculation can be applied to many different cases. For example you want to try it at either beds or parlay betting. All of them uses the same calculation and exact same formula. 

You can also try it at a three team pleaser if you want to use more teams. Hence all you need to do is divide the risk by your total win later on. 

After that don’t forget to use the square root or the cube root. You use square root for a 2 team match or you do cube root for a 3 team match. This is an easy way to listen to calculate the winning odds.

Usually there’s also a tool for you to use. For example you can use moneyline converter. You can immediately find the rewards for all for example 100 options. 

Insert the data into this converter and you will get the instant statistic that you need. This is much more accurate and comparison to you calculating one by one. So in order to win and pleaser betting then you need to do these predictions.

Breakdown of NBA Matches and Calculations

  • 2 team wins: +551 Each leg: 39% Break even +156
  • 2 team reduces: +601 Each leg: 38% Break even +165
  • 3 team wins: +1550 Each leg: 40% Break even +155
    3 team reduces: +1750 Each leg: 38% Break even +165
  • 4 team wins: +4100 Each leg 40% Break even +155
  • 4 team reduces: +4800 Each leg 38% Break even point +165
  • 5 team win:+10500 Each leg 40% Break even +154
  • 5 team reduces: +13000 Each leg 37% Break even +165
  • 6 team win: +27000 Each leg 39% Break even +154
  • 6 team reduces: +35000 Each leg: 38% Break even +165

We have found out that breaking down all of these matches is a much better way to observe it. If you can see most of the odds are no better even if the number of teams increase. 

If you look at three teams pleaser compared to six teams pleaser than it is basically the same. The difference is only a small fraction of the percentage. But overall this is still the same and players should be prioritizing smaller team matches. 

There may be some moments where the odds may be bigger than usual. This is the moment when you should choose 4 team pleasers up to 6 team pleasers. 

It is truly up to you on which team pleaser that you want to pick. Our odds have shown you that most of them are the same so pick wisely.

Previously we have shown you for calculation of the odds and the break-even point. Well that’s that was important it is time to go to the other steps. We’re going to see if the police are bets are profitable. Let’s say that we have found a team with around plus 13 and value. 

Then we will try to find this exact odds in other types of website. In other words we’re all doing line shopping to find the best percentage. If we calculate this and eventually found a minus 105, we still need to find the break-even point. 

The calculation of the break-even point will give you around 52%. Players could then compare if the two team ties when pleaser is good or not. You can compare the break even point of a leg. 

To do this you need to see if the loose pleaser is around 51% or is it required for a straight bet. If it is required for a straight bet then you need to find the margin which is around 14%. 

To make it simple all you need to do is find the best odds with the highest value. It does not matter how many teams that you place it on as long as one type of matches is most potential for you.

This next part may be a bit complex for players. Because now you have to calculate on whether or not the teams will push at those points. We will take a case of pleaser betting in 14 points. 

The point is you’re trying to predict if there’s a margin of around 14 points or not. All you need to do is to add them together. But before you do this calculation then you need to find if the data already exists or not. 

Most of the time these types of data is hard to find. You may need to look for databases in order to find the statistics. One of the best website that we recommend you is to use 

This is a great website if you’re looking for accurate data. The data can immediately be pasted onto an Excel spreadsheet. All of the data even from 20 years ago is recorded in the single website. 

One thing that we noticed is that there has been around 600 points spread between 10 and 16 points. This margin point is important for you to know. 

The calculation 13 points equals to 2%, 12 points equal to 1%, 11 points equal to 3%, 10 points equal to 3.6% and so on. If we find all of this until 8 points then the percentage should be around 13%.

This 13% number is not just a random number. As a matter of fact it is actually historical value that will indicate the future result of the match that you’re betting on. 

This is also known as the expected value. The 13% would be a requirement for the break-even percentage to hit. So when you are betting in a pleaser, you also need to look out for the break-even point. 

If you’re unable to hit the break-even point then don’t play the pleasure bet. Instead look for an expected value from a straight bet instead.

It is time to end this article right here. Overall we have given you some of the bad examples of pleaser bets and there are also the profitable side. 

You may need to be more selective when playing and pleaser bets. Most of the time these types of beds are really bad and will not give you much profit at all. You can get much more profit if you play an individual bets. 

Do not forget to check the break-even point as well as the expected value of a single bet. We have also explained to you the historical data and it’s important. Please are betting can be profitable if you are lucky and if you do your research well. 

Don’t forget to do your homework because it is required in order for you to actually win big. Do not expect that you can win big if you don’t take the time to do your math. Pleaser betting may be time consuming at first and it takes some practice to get it right. 

In the end we hope that please are betting can be profitable for you and see you next time. Don’t forget to check your bank rule and keep in mind that there are other strategies that you can use. Refer back to our other articles if you need help with this.

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