How to Play Tight Poker

Play Tight Poker – Poker is a game of many different styles, one of which is tight poker. Tight poker simply means that the individual.

That sits to the left of the big blind is in a better position than the individual that sits to the left of the small blind to play the first hand. The reason for this is that the tight individual has less information than the loose individual.

The amount of information that you have about your opponents isversely proportional to how the table is playing.

For instance, it is much easier to make money from a loose player (where you can bet in with hands like 9-4 suited) than it is to make money from a tight player.

The only exception to this rule is that the tight player may have a little more knowledge of the game than the loose player, and vice-versa.

Play Tight Poker: Know Information About Opposing Players

How to Play Tight Poker

When you sit to the left of the dealer button, you generally have a little more information about the loose players than you do the tight players. The things that you can do when sitting to the left of an opponent are:

  • Make small raises with speculative hands, if your hands stand to be better with an opponent than a loose player
  • Check your position right before you move all in with a speculative hand, if your hand needs a lot of protection
  • If you get a lot of calls, you probably aren’t playing loose
  • If you are getting no calls, you probably have a loose player

When you are the dealer, or at least near the dealer button, you need to try and move all your money in when you have good hands, and you will have position on the table for the rest of the hand.

Payouts are much quicker when you have good hands pre-flop, instead of bad hands that are out of position. Make big money playing on situs slot online which will bring new experiences for you.

Position is Very Important in Poker

This is a very simple example of why position is critical in poker, but it’s important to never forget this one little rule; if you are playing a hand, you are in position to it.

It doesn’t matter if you are in early position or late position, if you have position on the table you have a better position then your opponent.

When you are in position you can essentially play any hand you want. Being last to act after the flop gives you the most information and forces players to think before they act.

There are a few exceptions to this, and the most important one is that if you are in early position and you have a small hand of two high cards or something like that, you generally should chase the flop with that hand and get paid off for it.

Being last is the worst place to be in poker. You have no information and your opponents have a lot. In the early position you will always have people semi-bluffing all the time.

In late position, you will rarely, if ever, have someone betting at you when you have a monster hand. If you have a sense for that, and you semi-bluff on the flop, you can take the pot with a 2-second raise.

Everyone makes mistakes, but the people who make the most happen to be those that learn from their mistakes. Figure out what to do with any hand before you press your raise. / Aha

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