Beginners Must Know How to Play Capsa Online

Play Capsa Online – How to play cards that use 52 playing cards as the main media is still very simple. If in offline capsa there is no time limit set at the time of card preparation. So this does not apply when you want to play capsa online. The time given when playing capsa online is usually around 40-60 seconds.

Until now, we can still find many mistakes in the preparation of cards, either because we have to race against the time limit. Or because the understanding of the game is not yet fully understood. But if you have read and understood the terms that have been explained in full as discussed above. It is certain that at the time of compiling the card there will be no more obstacles.

The following is an example of preparing an online capsa card correctly.

In the preparation of an online capsa card, it must comply with the rules that have been set. Where the bottom row must have a greater combination than the middle row. Likewise for the middle row which must be greater in combination than the top row.

If the arrangement of the card combinations is better than the other players, the points that will be obtained are 2. Then you will win a total of 4 points.

In the following, an illustration example of an online capsa game will be given.

Player A who has cards:

  • Bottom row : J♠-J♥-J♣-J♦-9♠
  • Middle row : 8♠-8♥-8♣-2♠-2♥
  • Top row :K♣-7♦-3♣

Player B with cards:

  • Bottom row : Q♠-Q♥-Q♣-9♥-9♣
  • Middle row : 10♠-9♦-8♦-7♠-6♠
  • Top row : K♠-10♥-5♦

Player C has a combination of cards:

  • Bottom row: A♦-2♦-3♠-4♠-5♥
  • Middle row: A♥-A♣-6♣-4♣-7♥
  • Top row : 10♣-6♦-7♣

Player D with his card combination:

  • Bottom row: A♦-2♣-3♥-4♥-5♣
  • Middle row : K♥-K♦-3♦-4♦-5♠
  • Top row: Q♦-10♦-6♥

From the bottom row, the highest card combination is Four of Kind, which is successfully owned by player A. So the points he will get are 3 points.

For the middle row, the highest card combination is Full House owned by player A. So player A will get 3 points.

Meanwhile, the top row was won by player B, so it deserves 3 points.

How is there already an idea on how to play capsa cards online for beginners as explained from the start? Not as complicated as what was imagined before, right? in my opinion, the essence of the capsa card game lies in the combination of cards. If you understand this, then congratulations, you have successfully passed the first stage.

The next stage I will try to explain about several other factors as a support for playing online capsa with real money. Play on capsa online terpercaya many benefits from fun card gambling games.

Tips for Playing Capsa Online to Win

Play Capsa Online

Playing Capital

When it comes to capital, of course, it is very important. The greater the capital that will be used, the greater the chance to win the card game. Especially with the large capital owned. You can immediately play at the big betting table, which is sure the percentage to win is getting bigger.


Time is also an important factor when playing. Try to find the right time when you want to play, don’t ever play if you don’t have free time. Like: hanging out with friends, co-workers and family. Calmness and comfort when playing is the key to success to take advantage of the winnings that will be achieved.

Rule of the game

By knowing the rules that exist in every trusted online capsa gambling site first. Then it will be an added value for prospective bettors. So that when playing you will not feel confused about the card values ​​and the rules that apply in the game.

Pay attention to Signals in the surrounding area

First, make sure the area around you has a good enough signal to start playing. Especially when preparing cards that have a time limit. If it is disturbed by a slow signal factor, it is not impossible that this will result in errors in card arrangement. If this happens, of course, it will make a large amount of losses in the round of the game.

Focus on playing

All types of card games in online gambling certainly require concentration, focus and accuracy when playing. Especially when playing capsa online. If you don’t want to experience errors when compiling cards. Try to be more careful in seeing every card opportunity that exists to be used as the right combination.

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Tricks to Play Capsa Online to Keep Winning

After discussing the tips, of course, it is incomplete if you don’t discuss the tricks of the game. Set


Try to finish the arrangement of cards faster than other players. Sometimes there are some players who don’t really like being waited too long. Automatically in such a way will make the concentration of the player becomes chaotic. So you want to quickly finish the arrangement of the cards.

Switch betting tables

The goal is to manage expenses while waiting for the right time and betting table. Like when you manage to win several rounds on a large betting table, try moving to a small table. The game will not always be won so it is better to play with smaller bets. While waiting for the right time to enter a bigger betting table later.

Thus our interesting review about Beginners Must Know How to Play Capsa Online, hopefully it can be useful information for you in playing gambling. /Aha

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