Hedge Betting Strategy

Hedge betting is used so that it can guarantee high profits at low risk. On top of that, you can even cancel your bets and change your decisions later on. 

With so many gambling strategies right now, it is impossible to just choose one. Pick a few and see which one suits your needs the most. 

You may have heard of other strategies like prop, parlay, and etc. One of the least common one is called as hedge betting. Hedge betting is a good way for players to make money. 

We have found out that many gamblers actually still has no idea about hedging their bets. We will make sure that can change today.

Hedge betting can help you a lot in online gambling. It sounds a bit too formal, risky, and scary. That is true and that is why you need to understand the concept. 

Hedge betting is used so that it can guarantee high profits at low risk. On top of that, you can even cancel your bets and change your decisions later on. 

Our article is focused on how you can l earn hedge betting today. There are plenty of benefits to hedge betting and this will also be explained further. Using this tactic may be a challenge for some players. It takes a lot of effort, strats, and tips to do so. 

If you do it with caution, then the winnings will also be reflected upon. Always be confident when you want to gamble in hedge betting. We will learn more about this down below. Let us jump into today’s article.

What is Hedge Betting for Beginners?

First and foremost is that you need to know what hedge betting is. If not, then there is no point of reading this article right? Well hedge betting is quite simple. It is a way for players to counter bet the bet that then have placed before. 

The main goal is to make 2 bets in total that will guarantee you wins no matter what. Even if you lose one of them, you still have a hedge profit. 

That is why hedge betting is so profitable and popular, but yet so risky. You do not have to watch the game or follow it because you are guaranteed to win. Some people say that hedge betting is challenging. We do agree to this and we will talk about it more. 

Most of you that is still reading this article may be in a world of confusion. You are asking why you should place more than one bets. Do not worry at all because this is something that is logical. 

You will see that there are some circumstances where the odds will change. This will create a huge room of opportunity so that you can make much more money. 

However, this is not something that is easy to determine. You need to know which bets to place it on exactly at the right time. That is why nly opportunists can do this. 

We will give you some case examples on how you can do a hedge bet. This should make things clearer so you can learn more in sports betting.

Say that you have just entered the very beginning of the NBA seasons. All bets are opened and it is still fresh. Now, you want to make some money but you are scared to place a bet. The beginning of a season is one of the most uncertain times of the season. 

The main reason is because there will be new players, new coaches, and new tactics. No one knows what to expect. Hence anyone can do good or big teams can even perform badly. It is literally a testing ground. 

That is why the beginning of the season is the perfect situation to bet against yourself. So hypothetically, there is a match of Golden State Warriors vs Chicago Bulls. You will find the bet of 100 to 1. 

Which means that a bet of $1 will give you the potential of achieving $100 in total. Hence you also decide to make a $100 bet that you will have a potential of making $10,000. This is quite illogical to bet big on because the odds do not favor them at all. 

Nearing the game, there will be changes that happens. This is your big chance to do so. Maybe a new player enters the Golden State Warriors which will make it a much stronger team. 

The odds will quickly change and you can even place a bet. When they enter the match, the odds actually favors Golden State Warriors now. You can place an equalizer bet on the Chicago Bulls if you want to.

The odds would now be portrayed as -110 for both teams to win. This could also be considered as a coin flip bet because it is a 50 50. No one knows which one to choose. As long as you pick one, you should already be making profits. This is the perfect definition of hedge betting that anyone should be able to understand.

During this moment, you can get $1000 for example. If somehow you win on Chicago Bulls, you are going to make $2000 in total and lose $100. Comparatively, you also have a chance of winning $10,000 when you gambled on Golden State Warriors.

You can bring home the $10,000 reward even if you lose that $1,000. Hence making it a win win solution for every single gambler. Imagine going from $100 to $10,000 in a single match. This may not happen that often but it has happened before.

You can hope for a team to win. But hoping does not matter because you will potentially make money regardless of a win or lose. There is always a way for players to make money when odds changes. This is how hedging will increase your balance much more.

Players could even bet at around $5000 on Chicago Bulls. This means that you are betting against your original bet of $100 on Golden State Warriors. That is okay if you place two bets at the same time. Most casinos will allow this to happen. Let us see if the outcome is profitable for you or not. 

  1. If the Chicago Bulls win, then you will lose $100 that you have made. That is okay because you have placed a $5000 bet that can equal up to $10,000 in profit. You have made a ton of money through hedge betting. So losing $100 is no longer a problem at all!
  2. In the other hand, Golden State Warriors winning would mean that you are making $10,000 in total just from $100. Losing that $5000 is no problem because you still make around $4900 in total. So it is also considered as a huge win in this case.

You can now see why hedge betting is so beautiful. It does not really matter what you place your money on. You can still make a bunch of profits when you time the bets right. Players who do this can walk away with thousands of dollars only with $100.

In short, we have shown you how hedge betting works in real case scenarios. Feel free to find several games to try this on. Hedge bettors can force the website to lose some money. 

We will also discuss some of the other case scenarios in which hedge betting can also work. Apply what you have learned in websites that offers hedge betting. Some websites will try to limit the amount of money that you have placed. 

All Benefits of Hedge Betting

We have given you a good example on how to do a hedge betting. This insight should help you do it with yourself. Hedge betting should not be a huge problem after you have read our article today. 

So next up we are going to look at what benefits there is from hedge betting. Hedge betting is actually a very profitable way. 

Not only profitable, there are many more benefits that you can use. Whether you are a beginner or professional, let us check this next part down below.

Guaranteed Profits for Players

Who doesn’t love profits at all. Especially if you can get profits without doing much work at all. This method is stress free. Say for example you are watching a game from the NBA league. Gamblers need to find ways so that you can manifest on the profits that you want to. 

You can try to place a bet on a single game. But no matter what there will always be a risk of winning and losing. You’re going to give up that risk by doing hedge betting. The trade-off is that it will always be able to make some money. 

Whether the amount of big or small there’s no more losing now. We will get right to the point this article. Players can cash out early if they want to this is also considered as such betting. 

Maybe your team is winning but you don’t want to take the risk of them losing. So you pull out your money and your guaranteed with some profits. 

This is exactly the same concept. You don’t want to wait until the game and then lose the game. You can also try to use hedge betting as a way to save yourself from losses.

We will give you another case scenario here. So for example you are placing a hedge bet on the super bowl. And then there are around four teams that you can place a bet on. 

Players have the choices to place individual bets or divisional games. In the other hand you’re also choosing super bowl because it is reputable. There are tons of statistics surrounding the super bowl and this makes it easy to predict an outcome.

In those four matches you have to make a potential profit from your bets. But in the end you can get $1,000 up to $3,000 in guaranteed profit. 

Do not bet too big if the Hedge doesn’t work. You need to calculate the margins to do this. If the margin doesn’t add up then you’re just going to end up with a huge loss.

Lower Variance and Low Risk

Does not have any risks involved. We eliminate the risk factor from gambling. Hedge betting does not only give you huge profits but it is something that is also important. 

On the other hand it can lower the amount of variance that you’re taking. Say for example that you cannot place a bet as big as $5,000. This is too big and you will eventually risk too much money. Instead you can only make a bet of around $100 and that is okay. 

We’ve explained to you before that $100 can even total up to $10,000 in reward. Even if your bet amount is only $100 that is okay. You’re just going to bet on one side of the game. We will pretend that the $100 bet is initially placed on one team. 

And this team will be the underdog team. Sooner or later you will see that the match will have some changes. Maybe new players enter the team and your team gets the edge. But you still don’t want to risk money at all. 

That is why you’re going to put some more money on the other team. When you try to hedge you can lower a lot of that variance aspect. You will also lower the risk of you losing money. In the end you’re just locking winds and successes. This is what makes a professional gambler richer day by day.

Easy to See Prediction Changes

And changes will happen a lot. What we mean by prediction changes is basically that the odds will change. When the odds change it is usually a bad thing for normal gamblers. But for us it is actually a good thing. 

Because when there are prediction changes that is exactly when you can place a bet. You can also make a wager later on in the game or even throughout the season. There’s nothing that could go wrong when changes happen. 

Hedging a bet will be able to help you a lot. If you are scared of losing then hedge that bet. You can use hedge betting to minimize your losses. For example you have placed $100 and you have a potential of losing at all. 

If you bet on the other team you can make $80. So even if you lose you’re only losing $20. Do not try hedging that often because it can only work in some special scenarios. We’ve already explained to you that hedge betting can only happen in special matches. 

Most of the time matches are actually predictable. Predictable matches will not give you any chance of hedging at all. Because the odds will actually not change. so if you are scared of losing then place a counter bet to counter that loss. It can be cheap or expensive depending to you.

Betting Opportunities for Hedging

Players have been thought about the importance of hedging their bets. While hedge betting is an important thing you also know that it is risky. 

We have taught you before how to do this and off the benefits. Now in this next section below we’re going to talk about how to find a match. It is not only a random match that will have a hedging opportunity. 

Only some matches are able to give you these types of opportunities. If you want to look for opportunities then you’re going to find good matches. This will also mean that there’s much lower risk.

Try Future Bets

One particular way to hedge bets is by using future betting. Future betting is something new and not many people actually know it. Typically if future betting will allow you to make a much higher amount of money. The way you do this is that you’re allowed to make a small investment. 

We call this an investment because in the end your betting it for the future. If you’re making a future bet this means that the bet will only happen next season. But you’re already placing this money right now.

You can pick up some amazing amounts of odds and value. The main reason is because you are coming in early and there’s no one yet. In the end of the season you are going to get a lot of money if things are as predicted. 

For example you can predict on the number of goals made in a season. Or you can also predict on things such as who will make it into the playoffs. 

When you have a small bet you can make much more money this way. The investment will give you money in a couple of months. 

The downside of this is that players cannot get instant cash. It takes a lot of time for you to be able to make some money. You place it now and you’ll get it in 4 to 6 months. Be patient and the money will be yours.

Try In Game Hedging

Hedging is a word that we have used a lot. One surprise is that hedging actually does not have to mean it’s a long-term investment. It does not also need to involve huge betting odds. 

A small amount of odds is also enough to make hedge bets. One of the most common opportunity is to find a match every day. Just look at the mattress that you’re interested in. 

Through your discovery you will be able to pick up some common matches. Try to do line shopping if you want to get the best value out of this bet. 

This does not mean that you can immediately pick up matches. Maybe you have to browse through a couple of categories. And then you must also look at online forums for opinion. Opinion is important so you can predict how the game goes. 

Say that for example your betting on the Chicago Bulls which has a huge underdog against another opponent. And then you make around $100 in bet. The total value that you will get for this one that is $360. 

If you win you will have $360 in reward and then $100 for your original wager. If you win then you can be confident of cashing out with a total of $460 in winning. But if you’re not you actually have a chance to hedge that. Doing this will prevent future losses.

Players need to always look at the end game odds. The odds will always change and there aren’t predictable. The odds will follow the dynamics of a match. Even though the favorites are not doing well then the odds will also change. 

This is a great time to place bets when the huge team is actually losing. If the underdog is winning then it is your time to place another bet. This is how hedge betting works. 

You place an initial bet on an underdog team and then you counter that bet. So in this case you might want to bet around $100 on the opponent or the big dog. This team wouldn’t give you around $400 in value. So if you win $100 then you’re going to get $400 in profit. 

Overall you’re going to make money because when the underdog wins you make around $260. Whereas if the underdog wins you also make $360. You subtract that by your original bet and you already get money.

Hedge thing is actually a very fun activity to try. Not anyone or everyone can thrive in the world of hedge betting. To be successful at hedge betting than it is contingent upon the fact that the teams have to lose first. 

Huge teams that would usually never lose will have to make a turn. This is where your hedge betting skills come in and take the steal. Look for other matches if you cannot force a hedge bet. There will be plenty of matches that awaits you.

Hedge Parlay Bets

No one ever guessed that hedging and parley can all be a thing. One surprise for you is that players can make much more with this combination. 

Parlay is popular for betting a small amount to win a lot of money. In order to do this then you need to hit all success predictions in the matches that you have chosen. Apparently but is a combination of many single matches. 

They will be combined together and the odds will be stacked onto another. So if you win in parley you basically win around 3:00 to 10 matches. It is up to you on how many matches you want to gamble on. Usually the minimum amount of parlay is around two teams. 

It is much tougher to achieve and of course the reward will also be bigger. Now let us look at an example on how hedging and parley can be combined together. Because these two words are very uncommon to be seen with each other. 

Let us say that you have chosen a 6 team parley match. You gamble around $100 in this. This 16 parlay will give you around $4,000 up to $5,000. This is assuming if all of them has a value of around 110. 

You can adjust the odds to your own research later on. so say that you actually want your first game. Whereas the remaining five games is just about to start and you don’t know the results yet. Players have a chance to counter their own parlay. 

Try to place a bet against your previous one. If they lose you actually would not get any profit and you will lose $100. This is your initial bet and your initial pic. In one other side you can place a bet of $2,500 on the team that is going into the last game. 

Only place you’re probably when the mattress is reaching the end of the line. If you bet $2,500 then you have a potential of making $5,000. Whereas if you lose you’re going to lose round only.

We will break it down into two things. First if your original Harley pics are successful then you have a chance of bringing home $4,700. But on the other hand you also lose $2,500. 

Don’t focus on the loss because you’re gaining around $2,200 in total. Comparatively you can also have a chance of making around $2,100 if the other team wins. 

You will only lose $100 but you make her own $2,200 in profit. Hence if you subtract $2,200 in profit by $100 then you’re going to get $2,100.

The prophets seem very exciting for a player to try. Because no matter what you do the money will always be there. Whether or not your patient the money will eventually be rewarded to you. 

It’s a matter of preference on which types of bets that you want to. But if you’re bored with individual bets then try parlay. It can be a nice thing to try if you’re new.

Another common example is that you’re placing another parlay but. You place the same amount of around $100. And this time the parlay bet is only a two-team parlay. 

A two team parlay means that you need to hit the first one. After hitting the first parlay match you can look at the second match. And then place your bets. 

This counter bet should be around 50% of your total reward. So even if you lose $2,000 you get $2,000 in addition to another $2,000. The amount of winds that you can bring home is incredible.

Strategies to use in Hedge Betting

Last but not least today is that we’re going to talk a bit about tips. We have not given you any tips before. So far we have only talked about how you can spot a good bet and what the indicators are. Tips and tricks are important and they don’t cost you any money at all. 

As a matter of fact not reading these tips will cost you money. Because if you lose to simple things then it would be devastating. It will also affect you mentally as a gambler. 

Take some time to check our tips down below. We hope that this article have helped you so far. These tips and strategies are organized and recommended by professional gamblers. These tips are already verified without a doubt.

Check Your Math Over and Over Again

The only way for you to make money is if you have predicted correctly. Prediction does not work that much here but what works the most is calculation. If you’re able to calculate the exact numbers then you can go home a winner. 

The good news is that players will make money if they had successfully. There is no way that you’re losing that bet. 

But in order to win that bet then you need to be really sure what we mean by this is that you need to calculate the margins between profit and loss. If you actually lose money then this won’t be profitable or strategic at all.

We highly suggest for you to do is to check again and again. Checking is easy and it is free. It may just take you another minute or two. Especially if the amount of money that you are gambling is up to thousands of dollars. 

A mistake or a single number can make you lose a lot of money. Never take this risk of making a mistake at all. Do the double check and do it for free while you still can. you may not think that this is not a big deal. Well the truth is hedging takes a lot of money. 

You cannot just hedge with $5 because the profit will not add up. Instead you can look at the types of examples of given to you for example $2,000 or $5,000. 

This is why your math and calculations need to be excellent. Recheck over and over again. If you need you can use a calculator to help you check with all of the numbers so they add up together. The best way to do this is to use an Excel spreadsheet. 

An Excel spreadsheet will do the calculations for you. If the numbers go well then you can gamble at any given moment. If you’re still not sure you can ask a professional or a friend. You can ask them anything that you want to know about hedge betting. 

Asking is much better than getting lost later on. Don’t be scared to ask someone. Make sure that the amount of money adds up and you’re not losing any. For example you bet $100 and you expect $5,000. 

This means your counterbet needs to make more than that $5,000 if you lose. As long as you can understand this then you’re good to go. We’re not trying to make you be afraid of hedge betting. 

But hedge betting is actually something that needs to be done considerably. If you’re feeling nervous then that is okay. 

Hedge betting is something that is uncommon and you need to put triple considerations before placing a bet. Just make sure that your bankroll is ready and you have the proper amount of money to do hedge betting.

Financially brace yourselves

Hedge betting is not cheap at all. If you try to bet with $10 then it would be cheap but the amount of profit will not add up. Instead you need to bet a minimum of $100 and then gamble around $5,000. This is how hedge betting works because they are uncommon to find.

It is hard to find bets or matches that you can Hedge bet on. That is why when you have found a good opportunity you need to go all in. In order to make this happen then you need thousands of dollars. A minimum of around $1,000 is already enough. 

But you cannot tell a sportsbook website to wait for you. Simply because your money is not enough then this will be a huge problem. You need to prepare a lot of money in order for this to happen. Deposit money quickly before the bet starts.

The perfect way to do this is that you need to ensure the amount of money that you require first hand. Do your calculations a couple of day before the match starts. 

When the match already starts you have all of the bets placed and the money prepared. If you need $6,000 then prepare on $6, 000 and $10 in your gambling account. This is to make sure that you can win and place a bet. 

If you try to gamble mid game then you might not have time to do another deposit. Players will lose the time to gamble and the Hedge won’t work. In the end you’re just throwing around thousands of dollars. Doing a deposit couple days before the bet is crucial to winning. 

This will also show that you are already well prepared. We’re not going to give you any financial advises. This is all up to you on how much you want to gamble. 

The gambling amount should be adjusted to a gambler’s capacity. If you have the capacity to go big then feel free to go big. If you’re not sure about gambling at all then don’t gamble because it is risky.

Create a gambling plan

After understanding hedge betting then you should be able to comprehend all of the things you need. You may not memorize all of the smallest details. 

That is why you need to take notes and make a plan. A plan is one of the best ways for a player to prepare. Planning takes time and that a well-planned bet will give you much more room to breathe. This is a important lesson for everyone to know. The best thing in hedging is that you need to plan. 

Try to scout for matches to gamble on. Even if you’re not sure on that match you can add it on your list and then keep going. 

Do your research over and over again. Research is a part of your planning. After that you can determine the amount of money that you want to bet. Take for an example you want to bet on a 6 team parlay. 

This is similar to the example we have talked to you before. Even if you don’t want to place a hedge bet you also need to know how they’re going to do. You’re not going to place a bet just randomly. There’s no point in playing sports betting if that is the case. 

Instead you want to look at their statistics and see how their performance is. All of this is a part of planning and there should be enough time for you to do this.

Plan doesn’t have to be specific. In the end sports betting is also unpredictable. So your plans may be flexible and they may change from time to time. 

Say that you have already determined to place a $100 bet. Your plan will make sure that the $100 bill is sent in motion. This is also important so you don’t go overboard with the amount of money that you’re going to place. If suddenly you change your mind and then this is going to be dangerous.

You don’t have to hedge a bet

After reading this article you would probably feel like you need to hedge bet immediately. Hedge betting is excellent because the concept itself is very profitable. With this temptation then you may be tempted to place a hedge bet. Hedging should be a personal preference for people. 

The amount is also up to you. If you’re only capable of hedging around $10 and that is also okay. Start slow and you don’t have to reach thousands of dollars. 

Even had your betting needs some experience. Reading this article won’t do much if you don’t try it directly. If you’re too scared to try thousands of dollars then try hundreds of dollars beforehand. This will guarantee that you can get profit with low risk. 

Hedging can be profitable if successful. This also goes for other types of bets. You can lock up to 60% profit even if you try individual bets. 

In the end a smaller hedge bed could be compared to an individual bet. Hedge betting is profitable but it is not for everyone. Maybe you don’t like complications. So you choose a much easier way to gamble which are individual matches. 

We’re going to talk about one of the examples that we’ve given you before. You place a $100 bet on a team of 100 to 1. 

And then you are able to lock around $5,000 in profit. In total you have a potential to in 10,000. This is known as a guaranteed profit. You want to aim for this because it is the best way to make money. 

But what happens if it goes the other way. If you hedge something lower then you’re going to lose money. Say that you are only capable of hedging $2,000. So if you lose you’re going to profit $1,900. But if the other team wins you’re going to get $8,000. 

Hedge betting will always work with an amount because it is a flexible. But if the amount is too low then you’re not going to make money at all. We want to make sure that you already understand hedge betting.  

That is why he gave you many examples to understand the whole concept of hedge betting. We hope that this can give you an illustration of how hedge betting is.

Look for help when you need it

Asking for opinion and help is very common. Hedge betting is something that is tricky. If you want to gamble thousands of dollars you need more than one opinion. 

The best place to get opinion is to find an enthusiast. Look for people with the similar interests as you do in online sports gambling. 

You can find these types of people from online forums or simply ask your friends. Maybe one of them might know what hedge betting is and how to do it correctly. 

Do not gamble big if you have not understood the concept yet. We hope that after reading this guide you know the basic fundamentals. 

But if you have to ask someone then you can look for it in a website. There are plenty of sports gambling forums for players to discuss things. 

There are many places that will provide you with information about hedge betting. Even YouTube has many sections about hedge betting now. 

Give these players some money then they will teach you whatever you want to. Make sure you understand all about hedge betting and then you try to gamble in it.

Conclusion of Hedge Betting

Touch betting is something that is not mandatory to try. It is a perfect concept of online gambling that has ever been made. Because no matter what you do you’re going to make some money. 

That will decrease the amount of risk as well as the variance. However, there will be blunders that you can make and mistakes while doing so. 

The mistakes will cost you a lot of money if you’re not careful. Enjoy hedge betting with your own precautions. We hope that you can make a lot of money after this.

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