Future Betting Strategy For Sports Betting

There are many strategies for players to make money on a sportsbook website. The one that we are going to talk about today is future betting strategy. Future betting is a way for players to put wager on events that is still far in the future. For example you can predict on who will win the Premiere League or who will win the Super Bowl. The choice is endless because there are so many future events that is going to happen. You can even predict which coach will be fired in the future. You may see that Future Betting is a really exciting way to gamble. That is why today we have provided to you this informative article that will help any first time future bettors. There are several things that you need to understand.

The Importance of Line Shopping in Sports Betting

Future Betting Strategy

Line shopping is a way for players to find the most and the best odds from a team. This is also a way to beat the market and the algorithm. This is an often strategy used by players to skim the best matches to place their next bet on. Odds will vary from one site to another. That is why you need to make several accounts to test each gambling website. We will give you an easy illustration to check out which odds is the best.

  • Lakers: 100 to 1 at Betfair, 125 to 1 at Betway, 350 to 1 at 5Dimes
  • Cavaliers: 7 to 1 at 5Dimes, 7 to 1 at Bovada, 10 to 1 at Betway
  • Bucks: 20 to 1 at Sportsbook, 28 to 1 at Betway, 30 to 1 at Bet 365

You can see from these examples above that there are so many different variations. Even if you are placing your bets on the same team. The margin of the odds is quite far away. We have checked a Lakers match at 3 different website. The odds payout ranges from 100 to 1 up to 350 to 1. These are all average examples and the most likely thing you will find online.

The Purpose of Future Betting for Players to Know

Future betting is not a huge field of cash that you can just harvest. You need to know the purposes on why players will want to try future betting. Future betting are fan made by sport enthusiasts. 

That is why they want to support their favorite team and make some money while doing so. Professional gamblers will avoid future betting because it is too risky. On top of that, the profit that is going to be gained is not that much compared to the risk. 

The reason why future betting is so complicated is because there are so many teams to choose from. For example a season in the NBA will have 30 teams. 

It is nearly impossible to choose one of those teams and get a determined odd.That is why future betting options is not offered by many players. Bookie love providing future bets because there are so many options to choose from. Due to this endless choice, they can make a big profit. Even if you or a player wins once, it is nothing compared to the other 29 teams that have lost. Hence these bookie websites still make a lot of profit. The estimated profit of these bookies are around 40 up to 80% in total. 

The profits that they get will always be high. This is because future breathing is hard to eventually be predictable. There are different types of future writing that the player can choose.

For example you can bet on super bowl for other types of championships. Look for websites that give you really good rewards. This reward can make a difference of up to 10% in margin. Each website will try to compete with each other.

If you’re good at comparing sites then you can eventually find the best one. We have made some studies on a couple of sites. Below are some of the comparisons that you can make on real life scenario bets. These bets are most likely going to appear. So we are not making this all up but we are taking it directly from real examples.

We did a lot of research on these types of super bowl futures betting. Each odds will be kind of similar. If you talk about super bowl alone there will be around 31 teams in total. You can take the odds of each team and then put it on a spreadsheet. The odds are determined by popularity.

But even if they’re popular the odds are not really different from the other types of teams. Each website will give you different odds. But in average they will all give you around 6 to 7% in losses. This means that you can look for the best line in order to cover those losses.

Hence future betting is and can be profitable if you do it properly. The reward is also high but imagine that the juice will come out at around 50%. You need to make an educated guess in order to find the best one. Next up we’re going to show you how to calculate the juices that we’re talking about. Juice is basically the same thing as value.

Calculating Value of a Bet

Now we have reached the fun and more exciting part of this article. Let’s look at the odds and see how we are able to make some profits. Down below are some of the most popular examples that you can follow.

  • Chicago Bulls +800
  • Bucks +300
  • Pelicans -119
  • Lakers +300

All of these teams will give you different risks. For example we’re going to calculate the first type of risk. The math is simple. All you need to do is to calculate them based off of the risk divided by return. Doing this will give you the accurate break even percentage. Say you are given a plus one hundred value. this means that if you bet $200 then you have a potential to win another $100. But then what is the percentage to break even. A break-even point is a way for players to be able to calculate how much they need to win in order to profit. Without winning then you cannot make much profit. Down below are some of the calculations you may need.

  • Chicago Bulls +800 = 11 %
  • Bucks +300= 24%
  • Pelicans -119= 53%
  • Lakers +300= 25%

Previously we have shown you the true probability of a winning team. They can be totalled and the total will reach up to 115% in total. Individually speaking, a team cannot have a percentage of over 100%. This is impossible to get and it is not realistic at all. We will use the total of 115% as an important calculation. To do this, we have to find the break even percentage of each teams. You can look at the results down below. 

  • Chicago Bulls +800 = 10%
  • Bucks +300= 21%
  • Pelicans -119= 47 %
  • Lakers +300= 23%

The information we have provided to you above are just the examples of break even point. You can put these numbers into a moneyline converter to find the true value. Feel free to look back at this article if you still need help. Look for the high percentage matches. These matches will give you the highest percentage. Be aware of the break even point because you want these as low as possible. 

How to Find EV of Future Bets

EV is a way for bookies and the players to find an expected value. An expected value could be defined as what percentage or probability of win or loss. Through EV, you surely can make a lot of accurate predictions. 

There are plenty of bookies that will also try to give you vague information. That is why you need to look for the EV yourself. There’s this one term known as the overaround. If it is less than 100%, then you can use an arbit charge bet on that. And arbitrage bad is basically when you make much more money than you should be making. The margin from that profit can be a good thing.

Now we’re going to talk about line shopping. When you do align shopping the overaround will never be under 100%. You can still have value if you have it the 100%. The example of given to you is actually 115%. Most of the time the overaround will eventually be over 100%. But it is still possible to find some betting options with high or low eevee. For example around 10 to 15% of ev. We will give you another sample down below. This should give you an idea on how to bet.

Note that the sample size is likely to happen. There are many bookies that will give you these types of options. We actually take these kinds of options directly from the website. amongst all of the bets it is much better to bet on the team’s individually. Do not stack the bets. Because you will be going against the odds. This will not be profitable for you.

We will even do the math for you so it is much easier for you to understand. What we did is convert these odds to percentages. You can see the percentage down below after we have converted it.

You can add all of these percentages together. In total you’ll have around 92%. We have told to you before that anything below 100% gives you a chance of arbitraging. Exactly what we’re going to do today. We will bet on three of these lines so that you can make a profit period it does not matter which team will actually win. Even if you lose two and you win one and you can still make some profit. You can go to Google and look for an arbitrage calculator. This way you can really compare if you can make a profit or not.

  • Chicago Bulls= 5.6%
  • Lakers= 45.5%
  • Pelicans= 41%

Let’s look at the lowest paying odds that there is. See that the bookie website is using a standard or average odds. You are going to place a bet of $500. You’re going to place your bet on the Chicago bulls. The reward that you will get is around $449. And then you can bet on the Lakers with an outcome of +150.

If you convert this to money wise you will profit $61. And the last but not least as you place a 500 bet on this pelicans. Doing this will match all of the bets together. In total you will be spending around $1,010. Your expected when if you win all matches would be $1,100. Even if you lose or win the total guaranteed profit is $90.

This is a very realistic outcome that you can get. But eventually not everyone can get it. I’ll be crudge matches are very rare and you need to calculate it properly in order to get profits. But second of all you also need to find a good expected value bets. This is the prerequisite of making an arbitrage bet.

If you do this all right then winning or losing is not a matter anymore. You can actually beat the casino and their algorithms. Last but not least is that you need to be able to convert the percentages to money lines. Hence you can then calculate the total cumulative profits that you can get.

For example our return of investment goes up to $89. You can do the same with other types of matches. For example try to match around 3 up to five matches in total. Two matches would be too little. Tens you need to look for a minimum of three matches. But not that too many matches will cost you a lot of money.

Conclusion of Future Betting

Future betting is always an interesting topic to talk about. We have covered some of the most popular ways that you can bet in this article. For example you can see arbitrage betting or individual betting. we have explained to you about the risk of future bets.

Don’t confuse future bets with parley betting. There was a huge difference because future bets does not give you additional points or odds. Instead they actually drain you from getting good odds.

However people are still tempted to choose future betting over mixed parlay. Right now you can go to several different sites and do a line shopping. We have also explained to you how line shopping works. You may find our other articles useful if you still need help. You need to be able to calculate the rounds and see if the bets are over 100%. An average good percentage would be wrong 108%.

Anything below that can be used to being an arbitrage bet. This advice may be outdated somewhere in the future. But just try to calculate and use the same types of math. Because the formula would not change that much in the end.

In order to get profit on future betting then you need to find a profitable website. You can start by looking at some of the most favorable or recommended future betting websites. These places will be able to provide you with low margins. Low margins would equal to a good price in the future betting section.

On top of that sportsbook and also be mixed with other types of sports. Most of the time you will be able to profit if you found a good website. We hope that this article have really helped you in the world of online gambling. There are also other types of strategies such as prop betting or teaser betting. Feel free to read into other articles too. More strategy would mean that you have much more ways to make money.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of her friends have provided us with a bit of question. We’re going to answer them down below so everyone can understand it.

Is it best to pick one site or many sites?

Never mentioned a specific online gambling site today. The reason being is that there are so many newer websites that will give you better odds. Do not stick with one website only.

You can use one website as a place to compare your odds. Newer websites will try to give you much better odds. So in the end it is much better to pick more than one site.

How do I place bets on many teams?

The answer is quite simple. You may be confused on why we bet $449 or $500 on certain teams. This is so that you can balance it all out. One team’s loss should be covered by another team’s wins.

This is a way for players to make a bunch of money even if you lose. Hence it is also known as arbitraging a bet.

How can I decide which teams will win?

You can do this by doing your own research. No one can do it for you because there are so many potential bets. After finding a match or two, do the calculation for that match. The things you can calculate are such as the EV, break even percentage, and odds. 

Through this, you can find a potentially profitable match. Bet according to the amount and hope for the best. Sometimes players can still be unlucky, while other times you can profit a lot from this.

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