FaFaFa Slot 2 Review – Gameplay, Variance & RTP

The FaFaFa slot 2 is a rare occurrence. Both the theme and the structure are timeless. There isn’t much of a modern take on it. Since its launch in January 2018, however, it has attracted a large number of fans. The gameplay is the strength. Spadegaming’s highest RTP slot comes with a total user experience.

FaFaFa Slot 2 Theme

The FaFaFa 2 slot, like the first, has an oriental (traditional Chinese) theme. Every available slot symbol, especially mahjong, is thick with Chinese culture. Based on the number of tiles, mahjong tiles represent a variety of payout values. Ancient rings and coins are also cultural symbols. Please consult the paytable to determine the payment value of these two symbols.


Spadegaming focuses on the latest version of the FaFaFa slot 2 title’s gameplay. They are unconcerned about the classic theme or structure. This game conveys ancient symbols with its dominant red colour graphics, which represent the nuances of local Asian culture. The background music and visual effects are reminiscent of the classic mahjong game.

As the game progresses, the appearance of a wild symbol that triggers a multiplier win may surprise you. The guaranteed highest payout will entice you to keep spinning. You may unknowingly spend your coins because it is so impressive. Careful!

Payline & Reel

FaFafa slot 2 is a simple slot game with only three reels and one payline. This design is common and has been developed by several companies. The difference is that Spadegaming only allows for one payment direction: left to right.

Graphics & Features

The features and graphics of FaFaFa slot 2 are now designed to be smoother and sharper, in contrast to the slot structure and theme. Even on the largest screens, you won’t lose sight of the action. All symbols are depicted in as much detail as possible and rotate within a traditional Chinese setting.

Before you begin playing, make sure you understand how to use the paytable. You might not realise that some foreign symbols have large payouts. The Auto Spin feature is for those of you who want the slot to continue spinning without being watched.


FaFaFa Slot 2

Mahjong tiles, ancient coins, and a ring box are among the symbols used. The foundation of a simple game is formed by the relationships between all symbols.

  • Number 8: can payout 45 times the bet when three symbols are lined up parallel above the payline.
  • When three identical combinations appear on a payline, the orange symbol pays 30 times the stake.
  • 1 mahjong tile pays out 3 times the bet amount.
  • 2 mahjong tiles payout 6 times the bet value.
  • 3 mahjong tiles payout 15 times the stake.

FaFaFa 2 is a winning slot machine that is realistic. Although there aren’t many bonus symbols, the number of wins offered is comparable to the game’s high RTP.


Wild, multiplier, and mystery symbol features are all available as game bonuses. When you use this feature, your gameplay becomes more enjoyable and full of luck. The wild symbol behaves in the same way as the wild. Wild will replace all existing symbols with a single symbol when it appears on the screen. You will get big wins with a multiplication of up to 3 x from here.

Betting & Winnings

FaFaFa and FaFaFa 2 are both considered to be basic modern slots. It is not difficult to play. The payouts, on the other hand, are well worth your time.

The bet required by players is relatively small in terms of dollars, ranging from $0.20 to $150. With just 1 coin bet, you can win 20 coins at the minimum bet. Similarly, if you are brave enough to put 50 coins, your payment will be 1000 coins (if you are lucky).

Variance & RTP

FaFaFa 2 has a 97.12 percent RTP. Regular wins are possible with moderate game variance. This slot is suitable not only for low-risk players but also for those who like to make large profits. The RTP value and variance indicate that you have a good chance of winning at the maximum bet. In contrast to progressive slots, which are notorious for their low payouts.

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FaFaFa Slot 2 Conclusion

Spadegaming’s fan base is primarily in Asia. It’s no surprise that the majority of the slots are based on Eastern culture. The ancient Chinese mahjong theme is featured in the FaFaFa slot 2. The game’s classic structure with left-to-right payouts makes it simple to understand. Because it is designed simply, the gameplay is engaging.

If you are interested to playing this spadegaming slot, this online slot has been distributed to many betting sites. You can find it on Google through simple keywords such as situs slot menang terus FaFaFa slot, Fafafa 2 slot, etc.

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