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BetMGM is an online casino that was just recently launched. It was launched in the year of 2018 when all different types of casino also went booming. Back then, it only focused on offline casino games because those had a huge market. 

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BetMGM Review: Las Vegas’ Favorite Mega Casino

Have you ever heard of Caesar’s Palace or MGM? Well today we are going to talk about one of Las Vegas’ favorite and biggest casino. The MGM casino is situated in the heart of the Las Vegas strip. 

Players love their games due to the extraordinary feeling of luxure that they can get. Nowadays, players could even log online because BetMGM casino is open to the public. Any players who wants to make a bunch of money could quickly log into their devices. After that feel free to pick a game that you want to.

The company and website of BetMGM specializes mainly in sports betting as well as your regular casino games. They have been a running casino for several years now and they intend to relocate online. This means that most of the games from their offline casino can also be found in the online casino.

BetMGM is a popular place that people go to. So their reputation already proceeds the expectations of the players. Today we are going to talk about BetMGM review and how you can start playing in this place.

BetMGM Casino Overview

BetMGM is an online casino that was just recently launched. It was launched in the year of 2018 when all different types of casino also went booming. Back then, it only focused on offline casino games because those had a huge market. 

Sooner or later everyone became online and was looking for a good sports betting website. On thing that BetMGM has is that it is already popular to begin with. Even without a license they can already operate because the name itself gives players a sense of safety. 

BetMGM is a long standing casino and right now it already has several licenses. BetMGM is accessible legally and it is one of the legit websites in the world right now. 

Hence players do not have to be scared of fraud. BetMGM has license from huge jurisdictions such as Malta, Cyprus and Curacao. The games that they firstly released on their website was slot games. 

Slot games were such a high demand back then. BetMGM became overwhelmed by a lot of the competitor from the slot industry. 

Then it diversified the types of games that they offer to everyone. Now you can enjoy games such as betting on horse race events, MMA and boxing as well as football.

How to Start Playing in BetMGM?

To start playing and BetMGM casino then you may need an account first. This is the first thing that they will require you to have. Without an account you cannot even see what they offer in the live casino games or other types of games.

Right now BetMGM casino uses kyc as a requirement. Kyc is basically know your customer and they will require you to fill in several information. 

For example you cannot just blindly register and use fake id. Instead you need to show that you’re already legal and above the age of 21. After that player simply have to input the most common types of data and information. 

They will require you to for example provide names and password for the account that you’re going to make. Off this should take longer than 5 minutes. 

After that feel free to verify account and unlock into it immediately. Players are also required to deposit some amount of money if you want to play in real games. 

If not then there are also demo slot games that you can try. Upon depositing you should come across many different types of bonuses. 

Read these bonuses and find the ones that is best for you. And in under less than 10 minutes you should be ready to play your games.

Safety of BetMGM Casino

Safety has always been a concern in the gambling industry. You need to be able to find a safe place where you can please your money without being afraid. 

At the end of the day you will have to trust the website that you’re going to play in. Because they will be holding your money until you withdraw it if you have money left. Our BetMGM review have found out that this website has three licenses and total. 

Each license means that the BetMGM casino has jurisdiction and legality. All of their games are already accepted at huge country such as America and other European countries. Players are also rewarded with player protection and fair play terms in regulation. 

So any games that you play have been regulated and checked by the gambling commission. On top of that BetMGM casino has never been hacked before and it is digitally bulletproof. 

All types of funds that you deposited can be placed therefore a long time. And after that long time you can still withdraw it and the money will still be safe. 

Of course we don’t advise you to put your money for too long and the online casino. So overall we can kind of conclude that BetMGM casino is already safe.

Demo Bet Mode in BetMGM Casino

You may have heard of demo betting before because it is a popular feature. However, demo betting is only found in slot games. You cannot play a demo mode of a game if it is outside of that. 

Luckily for you BetMGM casino already updated some of its games. Now you can play other types of mini games with the same demo mode. Some of the other games that they already supported such as crash and dies. They’re also other types of favorite games such as mines. 

There are many common misunderstandings about what demo mode is all about. Demo mode is not giving you free money but it is only giving you free experience.

You can experience the same type of paid real money games with fake balances. People play demo mode because it lets them go practice before playing the real game. You can even take advantage of the demo mode because it is free.

Deposit and Withdrawal Time

Depositing and withdrawing is now much quicker when you have many options. BetMGM is an online casino with a huge network. 

Hence it has the ability to partner up with so many different companies to deliver a fast transaction. Transacting experience in BetMGM is faster than in any other websites. 

Their third party providers are also secure. Right now, BetMGM has one of the fastest depositing time when using credit cards and debit cards. The type of provider that they provide to are such as Visa, Amex, Skrill, and Mastercard. 

All of these cards are already very common around the globe. The withdrawal time also takes around 2 minutes to process. While you can deposit using a debit and credit card, you still cannot withdraw to cards. 

You can only withdraw your money into a trusted account. These accounts are such as your local bank account or Paypal. Paypal is definitely one of the best service that they provide from what we have read and found out. Through paypal you may need to pay around 1-2% fees.

Deposit Using Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has the highest fees amongst them all. If you’re paying with an unsported coin than it may take up to $20 of fees. 

There are several points that they already support and abuses such a small fee. Over the deposit time is very quick and it only takes around 2 to 3 minutes only. 

This is one of the quickest ways to deposit in comparison to any other website. The withdrawal time is also the same. Players do not have to wait a very long time in order to do it withdrawal. 

You can do it quite on demand and at any given time. Any types of digital payment will be done automatically. 

Whereas if you try to do a manual withdrawal such as transfer to local bank then this may take much more time. This is because they do it manually and the input your account number manually. 

Overall we could say that we’re satisfied with the transaction system in this website. You can get a really fast credit transfer once the money has already been deposited.

Which Countries Can Access BetMGM

There are a long list of countries that already legalizes BetMGM to operate within the jurisdiction. BetMGM can be played in basically any country if you use a VPN. The reason why some countries are still unable to access their website is because it is banned

Countries who typically do not allow online gambling will always ban the main domain. Luckily for you, BetMGM has other options for players to try. You can try these several different options and find out which one is the best for you. 

For example BetMGM has a domain that ends with .com, then this may change if you try other websites from them. The alternative link provided by the developers is used so that you have other ways to access. 

It is also very common for a casino domain to go offline. This is only temporary. Hence the only fix to access that casino is through the alternative link.

Big Events from BetMGM

BetMGM casino is a very active website. They frequently update their website with many new features as well as promotions and bonuses. The type of models that you will mainly get as a deposit bonus. 

This is already a must get type of bonus. But on top of that players will also be able to claim some other types of bonuses. These are the types of bonuses such as New Year’s cash back and Christmas Eve free credits. 

Those are only some of the major events that they celebrate. You could look at the calendar and see if there’s any huge events that is upcoming. Just prepare your money because they will release many new features as well as freebies. 

This generosity from BetMGM casino makes it one of the best places for you to play. Sometimes they even host lucky draws for players to be able to win millions and millions of dollars. This is a way for the online casino to become much more interesting than it already is.

Customer Service Quality

There are many forms of customer service as well as quality of the game. To start off we’re going to talk about how the website has a very unique design. The website is designed with the same colors of the real BetMGM casino. 

There will be a classic green background and it shows that the website is elegant. This reflects the real casino so just one that you can find in Las Vegas. After that you only need to click a few buttons in order for the registration window to pop up. 

Customer service also includes how fast the transaction time that we already talked to you before. The transaction time is fairly fast so in terms of customer service we can say that players will be satisfied. 

Besides that there’s also another form of customer service which is life chat. In case you may need additional assistance and you can see for the live chat feature. Live chat feature is designed so that you can contact the staff at any given moment. 

Say for example you have certain inquiries about how to do a deposit or how to get promo codes. They will gladly provide you with the additional information and handle any disputes. 


Overall we can rate this website around 9/10. Our BetMGM review have found that this website provides high quality games. 

Some of those games are for example sports betting, live poker, blackjack, and etc. All of the games above are also protected by license. So players will get a much better experience.

Most disputes are handled within 10 minutes and the response time is only within 1 minute. You may need to wait in a queue or line if the casino is filled. But this has never happened before.

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