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1xbet casino is basically a new casino with only 3 years of experience. Right now because you don’t have been standing for a couple of years. They specialize mainly in esports games and caught the attention of many gamblers. 

  • Wide-Range Market with Competitive Odds
  • Accepts Almost all Major World Currencies and Works in Many Languages
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  • Customer Service not as fast as expected
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1xBet Review: Each online casino has its own unique features

Esports betting is one of the trendiest thing to do right now. If your board with football and badminton then you might want to try something new. Is sports betting is quite tricky because there are so many unregulated websites out there. 

For example you can find crypto websites that supports esports betting. But once you do a deposit then you’re going to lose your money because they are unlicensed. 

Today we give you a new option of betting in a license esports website and you can deposit in cryptocurrency. This website is called as the 1xbet casino. 

Our 1xbet review will cover different parts of this website. For example we’re going to talk about how you can do it quick deposit and other types of transaction. 

Players will also receive bonuses and different types of additional features. These additional features will be unown to many players because it will be your first time playing. That is why our team have provided you with this review to make it much easier.

What is 1xbet?

1xbet casino is basically a new casino with only 3 years of experience. Right now because you don’t have been standing for a couple of years. They specialize mainly in esports games and caught the attention of many gamblers. 

Myself right now 1xbet casino is a sponsor for many esports team. They could already be seen as a trusted face in the gambling industry. 

With new and upcoming online casinos then it is important to find the right one. This only casino is perfect for you if you love the good odds. After that it also offers a much higher odds in comparison to other types of casino. 

For example if you look at the standard type of websites such as GGBet you can see that it is much lower.

The website does not only focus on one type of game. Right now it has 12 different categories of E-sports games. Those categories may increase in the future if there are new and upcoming tournaments.

 Many fans will keep on updating new matches everyday. So you may have to stick around and update every single day. The games will be released 7 days prior to the real match. If there’s a match next week then the game should be released that day. You can bet on the same day and it is up to you.

Odds and Stakes in 1xBet

One important thing to keep in mind is to look at the odds. Odds will change every single time. For example a specific match when you bet on the team can give you up to two times odds. 

Odds is also known as the multiplier that you can get. If there’s a two-time multiplier then you have a potential of making two times the amount of money. Higher amount of odds would basically mean that players have a much lower chance to win. 

That is why the reward will be much bigger. Whereas the games that has a high likelihood of winning will half a lower odds and rewards. Choosing these risks is totally up to the player and it depends on what you prefer. 

One thing that is liked by many players is the fact that you can change your bets after you’ve locked them in. Players have a chance to cancel their bets before the match ends.

Only that but you can actually place your money mid game or even during the end. As long as the match have an ended yet then your money should be good. 

The longer that you wait to bet means that the lower the odds. For example if it’s already nearing the end and you may only get around 1.05 of odds. Even though the odds are low it is worth it because it’s a very low risk gamble.

Live Chat Feature Review

Each online casino has its own unique features. But one thing that all casino need to have in common is customer service and live chat. 

Live chat is a way for the customer to be able to respond directly to your messages. For example you are looking for certain types of help or dispute. 

Your disputes will be handled by the casino almost immediately. This is a thing that we really like from this online casino. 

The live chat box can be accessed at the bottom right after the website. Any window that you open will have this live chat feature. Live chat will respond any thing that you need within two minutes only. This class response time is very helpful to everyone.

Their customer service also comes in many different forms. For example if you don’t want to chat them directly then you can even call them. There are several ways for you to contact them directly and it is all up to your choice. 

On top of that the other option for you is to give them an email. The response time for email is several hours. But eventually most of the problems is handled professionally by the customer service team.

eSports Betting Option

There are many ways that a player can that. Want to switch is a first placing it on a professional esports match. Professional esports matches are divided into many different categories. For example you can play in Counter-Strike or dota. 

What we define as please basically you follow the game and you place the bet on the winning team. You can also place the bet on many other factors. For example you can try to guess the score which would give you much higher odds. 

A higher odds is usually more ideal for players who want to place a side bet. We don’t recommend you placing a huge bet on these huge odds matches. 

Most of the professional teams and the tournament is already vetted. The chances of these teams trying to scam you is also very low. So you don’t need to be scared of the teams will eventually doing crime such as match fixing. 

This is highly unlikely and most of the teams is already trusted. However there are certain cases where much fixing happens because it is ineffable. 

Much fixing happens then the website will give you a refund policy. The refund policy is quite good and the money will be returned to player immediately. 

The website does not do any refunds if you place a better mistakenly. So any type of money that you place is already permanent.

Cryptocurrency Gambling in 1xBet

Depositing and gambling doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Players from all around the world will have struggle with payment provider issues. 

For example your local bank is currently not provided for supported period that is why you are looking for a new way to deposit and a faster way to withdraw. 

This can be done in 1xbet casino. Where players will be offered way to deposit using cryptocurrency to provide a  very fast response time. Anything related to cryptocurrency transactions is already verified digitally through the blockchain. 

Cryptocurrency requires players to have a digital wallet such as Bitcoin or litecoin. You get to juice any types of coin that you want to use and the funds will be adjusted. 

Gambling using these types of funds and cryptocurrency may cost you a bit more money. One problematic thing is that there’s a high cryptocurrency fee or gas fee. Every time you do a transfer then it will take around 5 to 10 dollars. 

Paying this much for gas fees is very unreasonable. And we suggest you to use other types of deposit methods instead. But if you insist and you want to bet a big then you can use cryptocurrency. 

Because there’s no limit and transacting. Other types of payment methods have a limit of $500 only. Cryptocurrency you can deposit as much as you want and then bet as much as you want to.

1xBet Casino

1xBet also gives additional ways for players to make money. Usually, these websites would only be sports betting and even slot games. 1xBet offers live casinos too for players to be able to enjoy.

This may be surprising for some players to hear. But 1xBet actually releases many games for players. Right now their database is filled with over 2000 games. 

Each type of game that you want to look for can be done easily. All you need to do is go to the search bar. Enter the types of games that you want to play. 

After that players can navigate through icons. These icons can be clicked and bring you to a game that you want to play. All of these casino games can be downloaded and play through the betting app. 1xbet casino already supports all of these games through the betting app. 

All of their life casino games are contributed by different third-party providers. It is simply impossible for an online casino to be operating alone. 

That is why they need to hire and have partnerships with other types of online casinos and software providers. Some of the popular software providers that you can enjoy such as Play n Go, Micro Gaming, and Thunderkick. 

These are already trusted names in the gambling industry. All types of software provided by them is already secure. 

Not only that they already have licenses but they are already legal in many countries for several years. Hans legality should not be a problem for any player anymore.

1xBet Website Quality

Knowing the quality of the website is also an important aspect of our 1xbet review. Players will need to find a website that is already trusted and website actually looks good. 

Our 1xbet review have found out that the website has already been built for a couple of years now. The website has been functioning well and players can enjoy a huge variety of games much easily. The way the 1xbet casino website works is that you will be given a portal website. 

This portal website will be the main website for you to go to find games. For example if you are looking for sports betting then you can click on a link and be redirected. 

The website is also updated ones in a while. So you can see different types of animations and designs from the web itself. One thing that we like about the website is that there’s always something new about it. 

The theme of the website will change depending on the events that is currently ongoing. For example events I just Christmas will have a Christmas based theme. 

There will also be promos and bonuses that goes along with it. Hands and increases the chances of player to keep on playing without being bored at all.

Conclusion of Playing in 1xBet

Our 1xbet review has come to an end. Overall, we have found out that 1xBet is an interesting and safe place to bet. The benefits that you will receive starts from the time when you create an account. 

For example you can get bonuses, promos, and etc. All of these will add onto why the casino is a fun place to go to.

The main features to also highlight in 1xbet is that players can bet freely. The minimum bet for most games are such as $1. So you do not have to spend too much money. 

On top of that, there is also no problem at all if you want to bet big. Right now, there is no maximum bet at all that you can get. 


Is 1xBet safe?

Yes 1xBet is already safe to play and try. They are popular for having licenses and trusted jurisdictions. Hence safety is already guaranteed by them.

How long does deposit and withdrawal takes?

Deposit and withdrawing is very quick for players. It is only 2 to 5 minutes max. The success rate is high and you will also be provided assistance until the transaction is done.

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This promotion is VALID for all members. This offer only applies to accumulator bets that include 4 or more events (up to 25). The more events in your accumulator, the higher your bonus will be. We will continue to update this information regularly. Stay With Us!
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