Top 10 Things a Sport Bettor Must Know

We welcome this article for any beginner and sports gambling enthusiast. Most of the times, gambling is a new thing and it requires some knowdlege. You need to learn your way so that you can be a successful gambler.

If you do not look at our beginner’s guide, then we recommend that you check that article first. It will have some important strategies that you can use in online sports betting sites. 

Our site is free and will always offer you top quality information regarding how to be a smart gambler. Your wins and success will also be reflected upon this article later on. 

Now that we have given you a taste, then let us look at the top 10 things that you must know. These things are the foundation in order for you to win games. 

10 Things a Sport Bettor Must Know

Bettor Must Know

Top 10 things are important to know because they will be useful for all beginners. Beginners may be just trying new sports betting games but has no idea on what to avoid or what they should know. That is why learning this way will help you prevent any future losses later on.

1. Never Force Your Bets

One of the first things we are going to talk about is the fact that you cannot force your bets. We do get the fact that you want to make money and do not want to miss that opportunity. 

However, players really need to know the difference between a good and bad bet. If not, then you will end up betting endlessly and lose a lot of money. Come learn a few things from our article today so that you can bring much more money home.

You might ask why forcing a bet is not necessary. Well we suggest that you do not force any bet at all. The reason is because there is no point in betting on something that you are going to lose in. 

Players will feel that by betting in more games they can make much more profit. This is also called as the concept of diversification in online gambling. However, it is not always the case. 

You may bet in all matches but what happens if it goes completely wrong. You can lose all of your money or lose most of it when a bet is forced. We will teach you a much better approach.

When gambling, a player should be able to prioritize your bets. Having more options is actually a problem. Example you get the choice of betting in parlays or prop betting.

 More options will lead to more failure because it is much harder to predict these types of betting options. The point is that not every game is going to be worth it or have value. 

The way you can measure value is by measuring the value through calculations. In the end you may have to scrap some betting matches just to save some money.

Candice is that you don’t have to bet on every single match that you see. Even though the match is underdog versus a very powerful team.

In the end there will always be a turn of events and things cannot always go the way you want it to. You should also avoid any types of sports betting match that you don’t understand yet. 

Only bet in the field of sports that you already have much knowledge on. Sports betting should be done consistently and slowly. You can approach it as if you’re running a marathon and learning new things. 

There is Nothing Known as Lock

Lock is a word that everyone uses when they try to define a very convincing match. This means that the match has a high likelihood of giving rewards. 

That is why many new players will be easily swayed by these types of terms. The truth is that there’s nothing such as a lock of the day. When you try to bet on this lock matches then you will end up losing a lot of money. Note that in sports betting anything can happen. 

Even an underdog team can win by far. This proves to you that there’s nothing fixed in life. A strong team will have the upper hand when they are competing. But this upper hand would only have a winning chance up to 95%. On the other hand you still have a 5% chance of loss. 

This means that even if you win the odds are already stacked high and reward would not be that big. These types of matches are seen as very rewarding to online sports gambler. The problem is that you don’t make much money from this. 

You’re risking 100% of your money only to get 5% in rewards. This is why the limit of gambling in sports betting sites can reach up to $10,000 if the value is small. They will try to beat you and bet huge portions of your money. 

And then sports experts will claim that these types of matches are already locked. if you’re a new player then you would be tempted to make these types of fats because you would see it as free money. Never assume anything so quickly. 

A team for example can be rigged or they can be drawing. Performance is always unexpected. No one can ever claim that a match is fixed. In order to know if a match is fixed then you need to do calculations and all of that.

Players have a tendency to bet large portions of their money. This could even lead to someone going all in on a bet. Betting like this is very problematic and will cost you all of your money later on. 

Sports betting is unpredictable and will give you heart attacks mid game. Things such as weather, injuries, and player changes will affect the overall outcome. Hence you cannot have a fixed games. Do not go higher than what you can bet.

2. Never Try to Chase Losses

Chasing a loss is a common thing that people try to do. This is problematic because you are unable to control your emotions most of the time. 

Do not try to say that you already agree with this. Agreeing and trying your best is two different things. It is very easy saying you’re not going to chase your loss right now. 

In reality you might try to chase your loss just a bit later on in the future. All of this will accumulate and you will change your habit later on. This article will help you and try to prevent this problem.

Everything that a player do is fixed to certain moment. For example you place a bet or you cancel that because there’s an opportunity to do that. The same goes for you when you try to chase losses. You’re scared that you’re going to lose a lot of money. 

That is why the heat of the bet you’re going to place just a bit more money to make it up for those losses. This will change how you bet entirely sooner or later. 

We’re not saying that this is a bad thing. Fundamentally it is actually a good thing because you’re trying to make up for your losses. However there’s a certain limit to how much you need to do this. 

Some players try to chase losses until they end up losing all of their money. This is called as temptation. It is normal as human beings that you try to chase your losses. 

Players need to train themselves to limit this habit from always happening. Those money are much better if you spend it well somewhere else. We will give you a quick scenario so that you can understand down below.

Want to place a bet in a basketball match. You place a $100 bet and you lost all of it. Later on in the afternoon you have another chance to place a bet. This bet will make up for the losses that you have lost before. So you place another $100 bill and in the end you lose $200 in betting.

This case scenario specifically shows you that there is a tendency for players to lose a lot more money in the end. You want to place around $100 to get another $100 as reward. 

But in the end you lose $200 and you lost both of those games. It may sound appealing at first but then the reality turns the other way around.

You are allowed to do this because sometimes you will also have wins. To do this you need to make sure that the game you’re betting on has a high chance of success. Say that you already do the proper research. If you have done the proper research then feel free to place a bet. 

Because in the end of the day you also need to place more bets in order to win back the money. But do not do it directly after you’ve just faced the loss. You need to bet when you have a clear mind. For example you have researched around 10 matches for the whole week. 

Place your money on those other mattress instead of looking for new ones. Because if you try to force a bet then you’re just going to break out the rules. You will also in the end raise up the amount of money that you’re going to place.

Examples of how you’re going to lose money. At the moment it may seem that it is not a problematic. But chasing losses after losses will end up in you killing your bankroll. Sports betting needs to be done properly and in a long-term basis. 

You cannot just gamble one day and expect to win every single bet. If you have faced the loss then try to make it up for it several days after. You don’t have to make up for your loss in one that only. You can spread your bets and do diversification. 

Hence you have more avenues to make money later on. In the end how much money that you are making is not seen by how many bets you place. But it is based off of how much cash you actually have. If you have much more cash than you have initially gambled on then this is considered as breaking even.

Some players still think that they can get away with this habit. Do not develop this habit. It is much harder for you to face losses later on in the future if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. 

You can use formulas and calculations to help you secure a single bet. FInd matches later on in the future so that you can have a higher potential of winning.

3. You are Never Betting Against The House

Players always think that they’re going to gamble against the house. What this means is that you are typically gambling against the sportsbook casino. This can theoretically be true but in other hands you’re actually gambling against other players. 

If you place a bet in an underdog team, then your opponent would be players who bet on the winning team. However much you try to bet the house will always have the absolute value. This has been done because there is an algorithm that sets all of this. You can try to counter this. Professional gamblers usually use calculations and softwares to find good value bets.

It is impossible for a player to for example be a professional blackjack player. Because these types of players will have to gamble against other players. It is not simply you against the house or the casino. There are two reasons to this.

First of all there’s always a human element involved. For example if a huge amount of people suddenly bets on the underdog than the odds will be much lesser. The amount of money that you will win when you but on the underdog itself would be much lesser. 

On top of that the casino also takes a certain percentage. That is why whether or not you win or lose they still make money in the end. That money will depend on how much the players have lost in total.

there are certain ways that players can find these types of errors. One of the most common ways is to do line shopping. 

You can look for sports betting websites that have a high value bet in comparison to other types of websites. And you can get the edge by betting on these websites. 

You can also calculate the the value of a single bet. Doing this will give player a much higher profit because you can make money regardless winning or losing.

4. Do Double Check Each Bets

One big thing that everyone always misses is the smallest details in their betting slip. We wish that all players have understood this one tip a bit sooner. Gamblers often fall for the same exact trap. 

This is because there is always rooms for a gambler to become clumsy. There are different case scenarios that might happen when gambling. 

You can gamble on an offline casino which requires you to check your bet tickets. Online casinos on the other hand will have betting slips that you need to double check before confirming. Recheck each amount and the odds before you finally submit the bet.

Leaving your bets without checking is always a huge problem. If you leave a gambling counter, then there is no other way to change. Once you leave, then the bets are already permanent. 

There is nothing that you can do about it. Imagine that you have done days worth of research and a lot of analysis. One small misclick might cost you several days worth of research. 

You have made it really close to winning the bet. When you come over to collect, it turns out that you have entirely lost the bet. Being careful in gambling will give you this double layer of protection.

You may think that this does not happen a lot. Well it actually does and it is repetitively a huge problem in many casinos. Players will always be forced to take their own responsibility. 

That is why making a mistake should not be something that you do at all. If you make a mistake, then there is no other way to turn it back. They will also try and act as if they will respond. In the end there is no guarantee that you can take your bets back. 

Even if you can, you will still lose a bit of money. One thing to keep in mind is that online and offline gambling is very different. An online bookie will never give you confirmation of when you want to place a bet. Instead, you will be able to directly place a bet whenever you want to. 

This is problematic because there is no double layer protection. If you click on bet, then your bet will be registered onto the website’s server. There will be some errors and odd changes. 

These types of changes will happen very quickly and almost immediately. That is why you are allowed to contact the customer service in order to give you the fastest help. There may also be mistakes that might happen. 

Such as the server lagging out or there is a misinterpretation by the website. Tell your customer service agent immediately and take screenshots for additional proof. 

A reputable website will be able to directly assist you with any request that you have. So do not be afraid to contact them and look for help. It may seem like a small thing to do. Contacting them right away will ensure that your bet will not be finalized yet.

5. Never Bet on Something You Do Not Understand

Sports betting is very diverse and you have many options to gamble in. Some of these popular sporting events are such as basketball and football. One of the most common things that happened is that you get a betting tip from a friend. 

You may see this as trustworthy. But what happens if you actually lost that bet. Doing this would mean that you are blindly following a person’s advice. 

After that you’re going to risk real money in an information that is not trusted to begin with. You need to put adequate time as well as understanding in order to fully grasp the sports betting game.

The biggest problem is that a player will try to place their money onto something that they don’t understand. This also means that you are placing money on different types of bets that you don’t understand yet. For example parley but they were prop betting. 

It is very risky if you try to please your money in these types of bets especially without knowing the risks involved. On top of that there are also many sporting events that you may not be aware of. 

If your favorite sporting event is such as the NBA or the NFL then stick to these types of leagues. Big leagues are much easier to understand and follow. There are also much more prediction and analysis regarding these types of big league matches. In comparison is much harder to find smaller league predictions. 

One placing a bet you need to do your own research. Even understanding the sport thing event and itself is not enough. You must also understand the fundamentals of online sports gambling. 

For example you won’t just be gambling on the winning team or the losing team. This is too boring and flat. Instead you would be looking for new ways to bet and gain some money instead of losing. 

These types of betting options may help you to explore over or under bets and etc. This is why doing research is important.

The big question by players would then be how are you able to protect yourself from this problem. Well we see that this is simple. Never make a bet when you see the key terms that you don’t understand yet. 

Look for the definition and then try to understand the definition. After that you can even look for background information regarding these types of bets. After that ask yourself do you really want to place your money on something that is so uncertain. 

If you’re already certain with that but then feel free to place the money. If you can’t answer yes to this question then refrain from betting. 

There will always be time for you to understand what parlay means or proposition betting. Do not force a bed because it will be too costly. Take a step back and take the time to learn these new terms.

What’s the best thing about sports betting is that it is endless. There will always be matches after matches every single day. You may miss a Big League match today. 

The Big League match itself will always be there. You can tune in on another season or try other types of sporting events. There is actually no urgency for a player to force bet a match. Consider our tips so that you can be better at online gambling.

6. Don’t be Consumed by Social Media

There are many things that will affect your emotions. Any gambler who is affected by their emotions will also have a clouded judgment. The media is a huge part of sporting events. The first type of media that you will see is the news. 

The news will give you fact that you need in order to make a decision. On top of that they should also provide basic information such as data and statistics of each player or team. Using this information you’re able to achieve the types of bet that you want to. 

Besides factual types of news you are also going to find opinion based news. These types of news will try to persuade you and even affect you emotionally. This is a dangerous thing because they are prone to changing the decisions of a player. 

Just imagine that you have already gambled and placed a good prediction. But exactly when you listen to the news you change your mind. This will cost you a win in the end. Always stick to hard truth as well as factual data. 

These types of data is based off of the performance of the athletes themselves. There is no way that these types of athletes will try and cheat their statistics. You should also do double fact checking. This is a way for players to be able to make sure that the data they are seeing is real. 

You can compare sources from one website to another. Professional gamblers will try to take sources from many different news. For example you can take factual news and then check it with opinion pieces.

If it checks out then the likelihood of winning is also much higher. But do not be sweet too easily. Sometimes even facts can lie and other factors need to be considered. 

7. Don’t Let Media Affect You

Do not be easily swayed simply when you hear someone talking about a team on the tv. You should also be familiar with the team you want to bet on. 

One important thing to understand is that sports have a goal of entertaining. This also means that the social media is reflected upon that goal. 

Social media will try to portray sporting events as entertaining and do not really put out the facts and information. Without these statistics and you’re also unable to make a smart prediction. 

Try to also look at The comebacks and underdog stories. These will be mind-blowing because they are very hard to predict. No one can ever predict a comeback from happening. These types of uncommon events will overthrow logic and facts.

It will be very troublesome if you hear an opinion piece and use it as your betting strategy. A betting strategy needs to be developed by the person themselves. 

However we do acknowledge that you try to use trusted sources from Fox News or espn. These are just some of the popular types of sporting medias. 

You can choose any other types of media that you already trust. It is also important to see the explanation behind a single prediction. Don’t just choose a team just because they’re currently booming.

You should also look deeper into things such as odds and value. If the odds check out then you can look deeper into the players and performance. Some experts will be good at predicting. That does not mean that you should directly listen to them. 

See if what they’re saying is actually based off of the truth. An expert will try to share your expertise from a certain theory or news that is currently active. 

If they’re only giving you garbage information then just block them and go away. Don’t trust a fake professional or sports gambling guru. The internet will be filled of these types of scammers.

Last thing to know about this common thing is that do not make an assumption. Sports experts or enthusiasts will also have a huge chance of picking the wrong team. 

If you are able to make the right decision then you’re going to win but if you lose at least you’re able to reassess it. You won’t be able to do the same if you keep on blaming sports media for that loss. 

8. You are the Bet Maker

The players will always be the person in charge of their own money. We want to extend the step even further so that you can be much better player. 

Take our strategy and input so that you can increase your gambling skills later on. Well now let us talk about how you will always be the person who’s playing the trigger. 

Never let anyone make the decision for you. You are responsible for the types of prediction that you have made. On top of that you will also be responsible for the win and loss. 

If you win you’re going to win off that money. But if you lose then you’re not going to get even a single sent back. Hence it is why we really suggest that you have a fixed strategy.

Players maybe asking why is this very important. Some new players will lose track of time. They are too bothered with winning and getting much more profit and short amounts of time. 

Hence what will happen is that they will try to look for shortcuts. The hard and factual strategy that we’ve provided to you is going to be useless if you go down this path.

In the end it is your money and you control your own decision. That is why when you’re in control you also need to find the best way to make more money. Do not just compulsively bet and lose it all away.

If later on you’re going to face a win and lose this is a thing to remember. Never blame someone for your loss. Your loss should be your own pic and your own decision. 

Own it up to yourself that you have made a mistake. That mistaken be a good lesson for you in the future. It will for example have you realize that even underdogs have good chances of winning. Always stick to your intuition instead of someone else’s.

When was the money to gamble should take full ownership from what they want to do. All of your wins and losses should reflect directly back to you. Maybe your performance in doing research is just bad. Use the historical data to minimize your future losses. 

You may be lucky once or twice. But never use someone else’s opinion on a frequent basis. Debating about certain types of things may also help you make a good gambling decision.

9. Becareful of Drugs and Alcohol

One other important tip that we’re going to talk about is alcohol and emotions. If you drink alcohol then it will eventually affect your emotions sooner or later. 

It is very tragic about how people are going to lose control over alcohol. This has repetitively been happening to sports betters. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a beginner or professional. 

Because alcohol will always affect everyone who drinks it. It is not only alcohol that is dangerous but also other types of substances such as drugs or being depressed. 

Do not gamble if you feel like using gambling as a coping mechanism. Because this will eventually be a bad habit. You need to have full control in your life before you try to gamble. For example if you want to gamble then make sure that you have clear mind and emotionally capable to gamble. 

You can choose any type of sports that you feel comfortable to gamble on. Don’t force anything at all. The moment when you try to force on that then you’re going to lose tragically. 

What do we mean by this as players going to go all in for example. There are many cases that this has happened to. We don’t want you to do this and end up losing all of your money.

It is okay if you want to drink or do drugs. But what we don’t advise is to have your phone nearby so you can place a bet. Please have bet in the morning or in the afternoon. 

Don’t touch your phone if it’s already midnight because you will end up making bad bets. Just be sure that your judgment is not cloudy. Every gambler needs to do their own research and lots of consideration going to this. 

If you are a little bit high or drunk then don’t even bother gambling at all. When people are drunk they start to do things irrationally and gamble huge amounts of money. Maybe after your bankroll is already done you’re going to do a huge deposits. 

When you wake up in the morning you won’t remember what has happened last night. And said all you have is regrets because you have gambled while being drunk. 

Gambling while being drunk is so identical with chasing losses. So if you try to gamble while being drunk you’re also bringing the other rule that we’ve explained to you before.

Fun bets are allowed if you want to do them while drunk. What we mean by fun beds is that you’re basically placing money on a recreational type of betting. Recreational bets can be placing $5 on a parlay match. 

You don’t really expect to win on these types of matches. You just do them because it is actually fun. You are looking at your friend placing a parlay bet and you also want to do the same thing. Don’t place huge amounts of bets if you try to do this recreationally only. 

Usually the perfect way to gamble is to place your bets early. Place your bets even before the odds start changing or before the bats are fixed. You can get much better odds if the match haven’t started. 

After you’ve placed your bed feel free to drink as much as you want to and watch the game. This is the best way to enjoy online sports betting. Because you know after that you won’t be making any more bets. 

If you have any issue with self-control then this is a huge problem. For any of you that has this problem, we highly suggest that you put your phone away as far as possible. 

Try to leave your money somewhere else and lock it up if you have to. You can also delete the app after you have placed a bet in online sports betting. Try to distract yourself once you have placed a bet. 

It is already a done deal and you don’t have to recheck your phone. Just enjoy the game that is already starting. 

If you are lured into gambling when being drunk then the results will be very fatal. The other solution is that to just not drink or do drugs at all. Put all of these substances away from you as far as possible.

In the end it comes down to how seriously you want to take sports gambling. Professional gamblers will want to take it seriously so they don’t drink and gamble. 

Instead they do their homework well and put in the hard work. This is different for recreational betters who just want to have fun. If you’re a recreational better then you should start limiting your bank roll. 

Limiting your bankroll is very important so you don’t go overboard with the amount of budget that you have. Don’t be bothered with the amount of money that you’re going to make. 

As recreational gamblers you’re just going to do this as a hobby. But if you want to do this professionally then you need to consider even the smallest amounts of money. Because you’re doing this for a living and you need the money to survive.

Last but not least let’s talk about your emotions. Emotions are also very important in gambling. Most of the times, gamblers will be affected by emotions. This is the last thing that you want to before you gamble. 

Never open your phone when you are sad or angry. Because when you’re angry you’re going to bet big amounts of money that are astronomical. Players who do this will end up being very reckless. 

They don’t care about how much money they put in because they are too caught up. After the emotions have fade away then you realize that you have messed up. 

The worst part is that this is very hard to control. No one can really control their emotions and predict their emotions. In the end not everyone can come out a winner. But you should at least know how to control your own emotions. 

If you are feeling any bad emotions then just settle down. Log off from your online sports and betting account. Look for other things to do so that you can cool off.

 Side or being depressed can also lead to you chasing your losses. Sometimes it is also much better to just enjoy the game for what it is. You don’t have to always bet or gamble. 

Talk it out with someone if you have to and then get yourself under control. After that you’re already to gamble again.

10. Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Game

We have made it to the very last part of this article. Previously we’ve talked about nine negative things that you need to avoid and remember. 

Last but not least in today’s article is that we want you to have fun. No matter what you should be able to have fun and gamble with happy emotions. 

Gambling should be a very fun activity and it should bring so much excitement. Whether or not you’re a professional Gambler you should always place your bets when you are sure. If you’re sure and confident then this would lead to you being happy instead of anxious all the time. 

Facing losses should also make you more mature. Do not be too depressed if you have just lost the game. There are many more matches to make it up to that game.

Tumblers will become stressed and depressed if they no longer see excitement in sports betting. Instead what they’re going to do is be too focused with getting money. This is a really bad mindset to have. 

If you’re too focused on getting money then you don’t realize anything else surrounding you. Don’t forget that you can also combine other types of strategy. Incorporating research and hard work can also be a part of your happiness. 

Also if you hate doing research then you should not really go into professional sports betting. Instead you can stick the recreational betting instead. 

The quality of your gamble will be reflected upon the amount of work that you want to put in. You may be the type of player who just wants easy money then this is a huge problem. Sports betting is very hard to achieve if you’re only looking for short-term goals. 

Maybe you can win one or two bets. But after that you need to skip. If you keep on betting recklessly then you’re going to lose a lot of money in the long run. 

Convince yourself that you need to do the proper research before gambling. These are some of the beginner tips and tricks that we can provide you today.


We have reached the end of this article. The tips that we have just provided to you have been experienced by 90% of the sports Gambler out there. 

A majority of professional players have gone through these types of things. They’re very common and you don’t have to feel weird if you bring one of these rules. Just remember to keep learning from your mistakes and other people’s mistakes. 

Do not let yourself lose a lot of money just because you forgot to do research are one of these tips though. We hope that the tips with provided to you is actually useful in the near future. Feel free to start using them later on.

If you have come for a more strategy than you’ve come to the right website. Our website offers much more than just beginner tips. We have other types of lessons to help you boost your chances in sports betting. Now you can read more about parlay betting or prop betting. They’re also teaser betting that is quite new for some people.

Feel free to check out our strategy guide. It is a way for players to earn big. Don’t forget to also check out the formula and calculations. 

Our website have provided the complete tool for you to get started. You don’t have to be scared about gambling anymore. Everything is already provided completely right here right now.

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